Choose the cor­rect id­ioms

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1. When Ken­neth and his wife were newly mar­ried, they were forced to (live on very lit­tle money). a) go Dutch b) get along on a shoe­string c) take a hand­out

2. Johnny (got ev­ery­thing that he paid for) when he bought the re­fur­bished com­puter. a) went Dutch b) got a hand­out c) got his money’s worth

3. The Prime Min­is­ter (let his deputy act as he wanted) on han­dling the is­sue of il­le­gal im­mi­grants. a) gave his deputy a gravy train b) gave his deputy a blank cheque c) gave his deputy a hand­out

4. Ken and Judy de­cided to (share the cost of a meal) when they went to dine at the steam­boat restau­rant. a) go Dutch b) go broke c) grease their palms

5. The state-owned air­line has been re­ceiv­ing (gifts of money) from the gov­ern­ment. a) many hand­outs b) their money’s worth c) gravy trains

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