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IT WAS har­vest­ing sea­son. My mother who saw that my fa­ther was har­vest­ing in the paddy field alone, went to help him. I and my youngest sis­ter stayed at home. Our mother got up early in the morn­ing, pre­pared our break­fast which was rice, and went to the paddy field with our fa­ther.

They were in the paddy field even be­fore dawn. I saw my par­ents were very much tired as they had to do a lot of work in the paddy field. But they did not think of the fa­tigue or hot sun. In­stead, they just worked hard. Be­cause of the changes in her life style, my mother fell ill. She told fa­ther that her body was aching and that she ap­peared to have caught a fever.

My fa­ther said he could do the work in the field alone with­out her help and asked her to stay at home and look af­ter us. Re­luc­tantly, she agreed and stayed at home. But, un­for­tu­nately, even dur­ing that time she was down with a fever and was un­able to cook or care for us. She said she was ill.

Fa­ther took im­me­di­ate ac­tion. He took her to the hospi­tal to see the doc­tor. But in the af­ter­noon, I saw my fa­ther com­ing home alone. He told us that our mother had been ad­mit­ted in the hospi­tal. I and my sis­ter be­came very sad. So was our fa­ther.

It was very dif­fi­cult for all three of us to spend that night with­out our dear mother. A fam­ily with­out a mother did not com­plete. My sis­ter went to the kitchen and tried to do some work. I also went and tried to help her. But ev­ery­thing ended up in a real mess. We could not cope with­out our mother.

The fol­low­ing day both I and my sis­ter went to school. That day I did not even go to the play­ground. I was thor­oughly dis­ap­pointed. Af­ter school hours, I came home in sor­row and anger.

Thank­fully, my mother had come home. Fa­ther was happy, my sis­ter was happy and I was even hap­pier. My mother was well again.

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