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pass by to go past some­thing or some­one Syn­onym: go by, go past pass by sth I pass by the post of­fice on my way to work, so I can drop in and post your par­cel if you like. pass by I hate it when you sig­nal an empty taxi and it just passes by with­out stop­ping.

1. I’d waited for the bus for a long time, and when it came it just passed by with­out a. driv­ing b. stop­ping c. go­ing

pass off as to make some­one be­lieve that a copy or a replica is the real thing

Syn­onym: palm off as pass sth off as sth We had no trou­ble pass­ing the coun­ter­feit ban­knotes off as real money. pass sb off as sb He put on a white coat and tried to pass him­self off as a doc­tor.

2. The wo­man tried to pass the hand­bag off as a gen­uine Birkin bag, but I knew that it a. was real b. was fake c. was ex­pen­sive

pass on If you pass some­thing on, you give it to another per­son af­ter re­ceiv­ing it your­self. Syn­onym: hand on pass on sth You should wear a mask over your mouth so that you don’t pass on the dis­ease. pass sth on Af­ter tak­ing your piece of cake, pass the plate on to the next per­son.

3. My fam­ily was very poor so when I grew too big for my clothes, I had to pass them on to my a. older broth­ers and sis­ters b. younger broth­ers and sis­ters c. mother and fa­ther

pass out (1) to give some­thing to each per­son in a group

Syn­onym: hand out, dis­trib­ute

We passed out pro­grammes as au­di­ence mem­bers ar­rived at the con­cert.

Elec­tion of­fi­cials will pass out vot­ing in­struc­tions to all the vot­ers.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with pass out (1): forms, sheets, brochures, pam­phlets, pro­grammes, book­lets

4. The teach­ers passed out the exam book­lets a. to the desks b. to the stu­dents c. to the class­room

pass out (2) to lose con­scious­ness all of a sud­den

Syn­onym: faint, black out

It was so hot on the golf course that a cou­ple of the play­ers passed out.

If some­one passes out, make sure their air­way is open so they can breathe.

pass over If some­one Life is passed over, they aren’t given Life the is pro­mo­tion a mix­ture of they sun­shine were ex­pect­ing, and and rain,

Tear drops and laugh­ter; plea­sure and pain. We can't have all bright days, but it's cer­tainly true There never was a cloud that

The sun didn't shine through!

the po­si­tion is given to some­one else in­stead.

This is the sec­ond time Indira has been passed over for pro­mo­tion to sec­tion man­ager.

pass sb over I’ m sorry you didn t get the pro­mo­tion this time, but you’ll get it next time. They can’t pass you over again.

5. He­len says if she’s passed over again when pro­mo­tions are an­nounced, she’ll a. thank her man­ager b. quit her job c. cel­e­brate with her col­leagues

pass up In­for­mal If you pass up an op­por­tu­nity or an in­vi­ta­tion, you choose not to take the op­por­tu­nity or ac­cept the in­vi­ta­tion. Syn­onym: turn down, de­cline pass up sth Bill passed up the op­por­tu­nity to study mu­sic in a top univer­sity. He formed his own band in­stead. pass sth up I had to pass the in­vi­ta­tion up as I al­ready had an ap­point­ment at that time.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with pass up: in­vi­ta­tion, chance, op­por­tu­nity, win­dow of op­por­tu­nity, shot (at do­ing some­thing)

6. Ju­lian passed up the chance to study at Ox­ford Univer­sity be­cause he a. wasn’t clever enough b. wanted to study at Cam­bridge c. he did not receive the of­fer let­ter

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