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1. Alan (com­plained loudly) to the man­age­ment over his mea­gre bonus. a) make an ex­cep­tion b) make ar­range­ments c) made a stink

2. The bank’s CEO sacked James (to show oth­ers in or­der that they un­der­stand that they should not do the same) to the se­nior staff. a) to make fun of him b) to make an ex­am­ple of him c) make mis­chief of him

3. You won’t get rich as a farmer, but you’ll cer­tainly (earn enough money to pay the bills). a) make ends meet b) make an ex­cep­tion c) make a stink

4. The bank clerks (joked about some­thing se­ri­ous) the ac­count­ing er­ror and were all sacked. a) made fun of b) made light of

5. Dur­ing the sea­side va­ca­tion, the chil­dren (did some­thing naughty) and were se­verely pun­ished. a) made light of some­thing b) made mis­chief c) made fun mis­chief made b) 5. of light made b) 4. meet ends make a) 3. him of ex­am­ple an make to b) 2. stink a made c) 1.

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