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ap­ple of some­one’s eye The ex­pres­sion ap­ple of my eye is of­ten used when re­fer­ring to fam­ily mem­bers, or those who are clos­est to us to mean that they are some­one’s favourite per­son or ob­ject. Jen­nifer is the ap­ple of her father’s eye. He’s so proud of her.

bird’s-eye view Bird’s-eye view re­fers to a view­point from which one can see a wide area. This id­iom is of­ten used fig­u­ra­tively to mean that some­one can see a sit­u­a­tion from a wider per­spec­tive.

The ho­tel pro­vides a lovely bird’s-eye view over the An­daman sea.

catch some­one’s eye Catch some­one’s eye in­di­cates that some­one or some­thing has gained at­ten­tion.

That new cof­fee shop cer­tainly caught my eye. Should we have a drink over there?

cry one’s eyes out Cry­ing one’s eyes out is an id­iom used for very sad events in one’s life. It means to cry for a very long time in a des­per­ate man­ner such as at the loss of a loved one.

I think you just need to cry your eyes out to get it all out of your sys­tem.

ea­gle eye Some­one with an ea­gle eye has an abil­ity to see im­por­tant de­tails and no­tice mis­takes.

Show it to the ed­i­tor. She has an ea­gle eye and will catch any mis­take.

feast one’s eyes on some­thing

If you feast your eyes on some­thing, you en­joy the sight of some­thing. This id­iom is of­ten used to boast about a pos­ses­sion of which you are very proud. Feast your eyes on my new phone. Isn’t it beau­ti­ful?!

get a black eye If you get a black eye, you re­ceive a bruise from some­thing around the eye. This id­iom can also be used fig­u­ra­tively to mean to suf­fer a de­feat.

I got a black eye when I bumped into the door.

get stars in one’s eyes Some young peo­ple get stars in their eyes be­cause they be­come ob­sessed about show busi­ness.

Ever since Janet got the lead role in the high school play, she’s got stars in her eyes.

give some­one the eye Peo­ple will run when you give them the eye be­cause you look at some­one in an ac­cusatory or dis­ap­prov­ing man­ner.

The teacher was giv­ing me the eye dur­ing the test. I guess he thought I might cheat.

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