Choose the cor­rect id­ioms

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1. Tom Jones is try­ing to (be­come suc­cess­ful again af­ter hav­ing been away for a long time) with a new world tour. a) make a killing b) make a point c) make a come­back

2. When told to clean her room, Nancy (made a strange ex­pres­sion) and stomped off in a huff. a) made a point b) made a face c) made a fuss

3. Af­ter (earn­ing a lot of money) in cryp­tocur­rency, John bought a ranch and re­tired. a) mak­ing a liv­ing b) mak­ing a killing c) mak­ing a name

4. Within a year, Swift had (be­come fa­mous) for her­self as a singer in Nashville. a) made a liv­ing b) made a name c) made a killing 5. The teacher is try­ing to (make some­thing un­der­stood) about the stu­dent’s lack of punc­tu­al­ity. a) make a fuss b) make a run for it c) make a point

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