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By Neal Levin

My phone has tons of gad­gets, A hun­dred-fifty rings,

Can store a thou­sand num­bers And other nifty things.

My phone can send me e-mail And news from far away, Pre­dict to­mor­row’s weather,

And tell the time of day.

My phone can down­load mu­sic, Take pho­tos in a flash,

Make videos and movies,

And re­ally make a splash.

I heard that in the old days

(I’m not sure what this means) That peo­ple used their phones to talk To other hu­man be­ings.

1. How many rings does the phone in the poem have? a. 1,005 b. 150 c. 10,050 d. 1,500

2. Ac­cord­ing to stanza three, list two things the phone in the poem can do.

3. Can you think of some­thing that the poet didn’t

Match each vo­cab­u­lary word on the left with the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion on the right.

1. nifty a. small, use­ful de­vices

2. pre­dict b. to col­lect and put in a lo­ca­tion for fu­ture use

3. gad­gets c. quick and sud­denly

4. down­load d. an event that has been recorded so it can be watched later

5. flash e. to say that some­thing might hap­pen in the fu­ture

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