Fall­ing into a Pond

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John was at the Botanic Gar­dens with his par­ents. He liked to fed the fish­ing the pond. There were tor­toises there too.

John sat at the edge of the pond while is par­ents sat on a bench be­hind. He had a packet of bread with him. He broke the bread into small pieces and tossed them into the wa­ter. He watched in fas­ci­na­tion as the fish de­voured the bread so quickly that the tor­toises had none. Just then, John saw a tor­toise swim­ming alone in the cen­tre of the pond. John stood up, moved as close to the edge as pos­si­ble and stretched out to toss the bread to the tor­toise. His fa­ther saw what he was do­ing jumped up wor­riedly.

“Be care­ful!” he shouted and ran to­wards John. John had such a fright that he lost his bal­ance and stum­bled for­ward. His fa­ther pulled his T-shirt. How­ever, he, too, lost his bal­ance and both of them fell with a splash into the wa­ter.

John’s mother burst out laugh­ing when she saw them stand­ing in waist-deep wa­ter. Splut­ter­ing and drip­ping we, the climbed out of the pond. Their faces turned red with em­bar­rass­ment when a group of chil­dren pointed at them and gig­gled. John and his par­ents left the place im­me­di­ately.

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