Cross the bridges when you come to them

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Here are some thoughts on how to live a rea­son­ably bal­anced life.

These aren’t any great in­sights, just ev­ery­day thoughts on how to be sat­is­fied and rel­a­tively happy de­spite the curves that life throws us at times. First and fore­most, it’s im­por­tant to find peo­ple that you like.

That means find­ing some­one who won’t make you feel put upon. That’s truly a hor­ri­ble feel­ing! It’s also a good idea to find peo­ple who aren’t go­ing to press your but­tons too much. Friends will kid around, but good friends will hit a happy medium be­tween jok­ing and re­spect­ing each other.

On the topic of friends, it’s a good idea to treat your friends like you’d like them to treat you. It’s sim­ple, but put this ad­vice into prac­tice and you’ll be sur­prised at what great friends you find.

In these mod­ern times, we all en­joy hav­ing the lat­est, great­est prod­ucts such as smart phones and stylish cloth­ing. Just re­mem­ber that all that glit­ters is not gold. It is help­ful pres­ence of mind to al­ways keep the when shop­ping.

Rather than fall into the trap of us­ing your credit card too much, wait a day or two. Try this trick the next time your heart skips a beat be­cause some beau­ti­ful piece of tech­nol­ogy calls to you from the shop win­dow. Once you’ve got this tech­nique, you’d be sur­prised how much you will save. about you

Fi­nally, when things do go wrong be care­ful and take it slowly. Take a few deep breaths, re­gain your com­po­sure, and then act. Un­for­tu­nately, we all get the short end of the stick at times. When this hap­pens, know that life doesn’t turn on a dime.

Ups and downs are all part of the puz­zle that is life. Tak­ing this ap­proach will make prob­lems run like wa­ter off a duck’s back. You’ll need to straighten things out from time to time, but you’ll know it’s not the end of the world. Of course, it’s also a good idea to cross bridges when you come to them rather than worry too much about ev­ery­thing that could go wrong in life!

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