al­low for

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1. al­low for

If I had al­lowed for ex­tra ex­penses like med­i­cal costs, I wouldn’t have a. made a lot of money b. spent a lot of money c. run out of money

2. be­come of

Do you know what be­came of that girl Jane who used to work here? I haven’t heard any­thing about her a. since yes­ter­day b. for ages c. all day

3. deal with

The best per­son to deal with a med­i­cal emer­gency would be a. a dealer b. a doc­tor c. a sick per­son

4. give away

If you give away a lot of money, most peo­ple will say you are a. a gen­er­ous per­son b. a strange per­son c. a self­ish per­son

5. give back

You’ll have to give the jacket back to who­ever you a. bought it from b. sold it to c. bor­rowed it from

6. kick out Sarah was kicked out of the exam room be­cause she a. needed to go to the toi­let b. fin­ished early c. tried to cheat

7. own up

Af­ter talk­ing to his teacher, Ja­son has owned up to a. fail­ing his exam b. pass­ing his exam c. cheat­ing in his exam

8. read out

The judge read the state­ment out be­cause he a. wanted ev­ery­one to hear it b. didn’t want any­one to hear it c. couldn’t un­der­stand it

9. use up

If you’ve used up all your pre­paid phone calls, you’ll have to a. get a new phone b. make fewer calls c. top up your phone ac­count

10. watch out

Vi­vian told me to watch out be­cause there was a. some­thing in­ter­est­ing on TV b. a dog run­ning straight at me c. an im­por­tant mes­sage on my desk

11. be­long to

These books be­long to the col­lege li­brary, so you can a. keep them for­ever b. own them for a while c. bor­row them for a while

12. end up

If Maria keeps com­ing to work late, she’ll end up Life

Life is a mix­ture of sun­shine and a. get­ting a pro­mo­tion b. get­ting a raise c. get­ting fired

13. face up to

Ash­ley faced up to the fact that she had to deal with her drug prob­lem and a. went out to buy more drugs b. promised to stop one day c. went to re­hab for treat­ment

14. hand out

Af­ter we’d boarded the plane, the stew­ardess handed out a. seats b. pas­sen­gers c. drinks

15. leave be­hind

San­dra re­alised she’d left her pass­port be­hind, so she a. moved it to the front b. went back to get it c. took some­one else’s

16. name af­ter

Clair and Ben named their daugh­ter af­ter Clair’s grand­mother Grace, so they are both called a. Clair b. Grace c. Granny

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