SUPP slams state PH for not ful­fill­ing pledges

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MIRI: Sarawak United Peo­ple’s Party (SUPP) has slammed state PH for find­ing ‘lame’ ex­cuses not to ful­fill their elec­tion pledges to Sarawakians.

This is in re­sponse to state PH chair­man Chong Chieng Jen’s ear­lier state­ment that the ‘ new deal agree­ment’ for Sarawak was off and so was the de­vo­lu­tion of pow­ers.

“Dur­ing the elec­tion cam­paign, state PH clearly stated in their elec­tion man­i­festo that in the event the PH be­comes the govern­ment of the day, it would en­sure the pros­per­ity of Sarawakians by in­creas­ing the oil and gas roy­alty to 20 per cent, the de­cen­tral­i­sa­tion of power to Sarawak, and that 50 per cent of tax col­lected in Sarawak be re­turned to the state.

“Chong also on var­i­ous oc­ca­sions openly re­peated the above pledges through the press and in his cam­paign videos, which were widely dis­trib­uted through so­cial net­works and mo­bile phones,” said SUPP Cen­tral publicity sec­re­tary, Adam Yii, in a state­ment.He added that SUPP found it to­tally ab­surd for the state PH to say that the ‘new deal’ was off on the grounds that the state govern­ment did not sign it.

“First of all, one was not able to find any men­tion of such ‘New Deal Agree­ment’ in their Buku Hara­pan that such an agree­ment must be signed by the state govern­ment so that PH hon­our their pledges.

“Many Sarawakians have also watched Chong’s cam­paign videos. But, has he ever men­tioned about the New Deal Agree­ment as a con­di­tion for PH to ful­fill their pledges? Noth­ing. “SUPP also re­minds PH that all the prom­ises they pledged in their man­i­festo are prom­ises with the peo­ple of Sarawak, not with the Sarawak govern­ment.

“When PH pledged those prom­ises with the peo­ple, and the peo­ple voted them to form the govern­ment of the day, that is a good enough rea­son for the PH to stop find­ing ex­cuses.

“They must ful­fill all their pledges for the peo­ple,” he added.

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