‘Elec­tion of new of­fice bear­ers of Bukit Assek not valid’

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SIBU: The so-called ex­tra­or­di­nary gen­eral meet­ing ( EGM) for Parti Rakyat Sarawak ( PRS) Bukit Assek di­vi­sion last year did not have the con­sent of party sec­re­tary- gen­eral, supreme coun­cil mem­ber Sem­pu­rai Petrus Nge­lai claimed.

As such, he added, all those so-called new of­fice-bear­ers elected at the EGM were not recog­nised by the party head­quar­ters and sec­re­tary-gen­eral.

“In fact, all the di­vi­sions re­ceived no­tice from the party sec­re­tary-gen­eral to con­duct their an­nual gen­eral meet­ings only and not the elec­tion of of­fice-bear­ers of the re­spec­tive di­vi­sions.

“The so- called EGM must get sanc­tion or con­sent from the sec­re­tary- gen­eral, which Bukit Assek di­vi­sion did not.

“As such, all those so- called new of­fice-bear­ers elected at the EGM had never been ac­cepted by the party head­quar­ters and sec­re­tary-gen­eral,” he said.

In a press state­ment re­leased here yes­ter­day, Sem­pu­rai ex­plained that the an­nual AGM for non- elec­tion year is called or­di­nary AGM “for each di­vi­sion to con­duct their nor­mal meet­ing and for of­fice-bear­ers to in­form the mem­bers on their ac­tiv­i­ties”.

He said this or­di­nary AGM is con­ducted to­wards the end of the year where the min­utes will be for­warded to the party head­quar­ters, ad­dressed to the party sec­re­tary- gen­eral for his record.

Sem­pu­rai was re­spond­ing to for­mer PRS Bukit Assek di­vi­sion chair­man Duli Sang­gau’s state­ment that he ( Sem­pu­rai) was not even aware that the par­tic­u­lar meet­ing was in fact an EGM for Bukit Assek di­vi­sion, and was chaired by Ed­win Banta, a po­lit­i­cal sec­re­tary to the chief min­is­ter, who is also a supreme coun­cil mem­ber of the party.

In re­sponse, Sem­pu­rai said: “I have per­son­ally spo­ken to Mr Ed­win Banta and he de­nied any EGM but said he was at­tend­ing a lun­cheon and was in­formed to wit­ness the nor­mal party AGM as it was a non- elec­tion year.

“If there is any change of of­fice­bear­ers, it must be done ac­cord­ing to party con­sti­tu­tion dur­ing the elec­tion year, which is 2019 and not last year.

“If he (Duli) does not un­der­stand the party con­sti­tu­tion please read it which is rather aca­demic be­cause he has al­ready re­signed and not a party mem­ber any­more.”

Duli has also urged Sem­pu­rai, who is the party’s Dudong di­vi­sion chair­man, not to med­dle in the af­fairs of other di­vi­sions.

On this, Sem­pu­rai said: “As to the al­le­ga­tions that I am med­dling with Bukit Assek di­vi­sion af­fairs, I have lo­cus standi as an elected supreme coun­cil mem­ber to ques­tion and com­ment on their ac­tion and mo­tive of ask­ing PRS pres­i­dent to re­sign when they them­selves re­signed from the party.

“As a supreme coun­cil mem­ber I have ev­ery right to com­ment on the wrong do­ings of mem­bers or di­vi­sions who do not ob­serve our party con­sti­tu­tion es­pe­cially by con­duct­ing an EGM dur­ing the party’s non- elec­tion year and with­out the sec­re­tary- gen­eral’s sanc­tion.”

He added: “It is com­mon sense that once you have re­signed from the party, you do not have the right to make state­ments on party af­fairs, what more to say, ask­ing the pres­i­dent to step down.”

At the same time, he re­peated his call for those who did not subscribe to the party’s con­sti­tu­tion and strug­gle to exit hon­ourably.

“PRS does not have any place for those who have self-in­ter­est and are not loyal,” he stated.

Mean­while, Ed­win said in a state­ment yes­ter­day that he was in­vited to at­tend the PRS Bukit Assek di­vi­sion’s AGM at Duli’s res­i­dence, but did not wit­ness any divi­sional com­mit­tee elec­tion.

He added that the pro­posed AGM was con­cur­rently held with the din­ner in con­junc­tion with the mar­riage of Duli’s daugh­ter.

“In fact, Casper Kay­ong (a branch mem­ber who had also re­signed) in his wel­com­ing speech listed down ac­tiv­i­ties and re­quests for the higher au­thor­i­ties to take note.

“He also men­tioned that they had elected new com­mit­tee mem­bers of Bukit Assek di­vi­sion.

“I did ques­tion Duli Sang­gau for hold­ing the elec­tion. He rea­soned that he could not be an ac­tive mem­ber any­more. They seemed to be ig­no­rant of the party con­sti­tu­tion.

“I did whis­per that it was an or­di­nary AGM to meet the re­quire­ment of the party con­sti­tu­tion. I wit­nessed no divi­sional com­mit­tee elec­tion but prob­a­bly it was held with­out our knowl­edge,” he said.

In fact, all the di­vi­sions re­ceived no­tice from the party sec­re­tary-gen­eral to con­duct their an­nual gen­eral meet­ings only and not the elec­tion of of­fice-bear­ers of the re­spec­tive di­vi­sions. Sem­pu­rai Petrus Nge­lai, supreme coun­cil mem­ber

Sem­pu­rai Petrus Nge­lai

Ed­win Banta

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