There’s noth­ing more per­sonal and au­then­tic than long­hand. Faber-Castell takes pur­pose and style to craft an in­stru­ment that makes writ­ing each word more mem­o­rable.

The Peak (Malaysia) - - Faber-Castell Special -

Whether it’s pen­ning a let­ter to a loved one or rn­ing the id­night oil to nish that rst dra t on a novel there’s al a s so ething aes­theti all pleas­ing a o t the reshl rit­ten ord on pa­per a er astell ta es the ap­peal o el­e­gant ini alis to gra e the ne in­str ents o the NEO Slim gen­er­a­tion o pris­ing nine dis­tin tive se­ries in vario s nish­ing and olo rs this ne gen­er­a­tion in l des a all pen in roller and o ntain pen ith ra ts an­ship sing ne aes­theti s and n tion­alit

The NEO Slim’s dis­tinc­tive sleek de­sign is co ple ented its etic lo s cra ts an­ship sing a se­lec­tion o pre i ate­ri­als hich incl des the pol­ished stain­less steel in oth shin and atte ver­sions and el­e­gant rose gold nish­ing or the lack vor and ri­en­tal ed va­ri­eties The lack va­riet eat res an ad­di­tional re ne ent ith a c tting edge an­odise coat­ing gi vin goa vel­vet at ten is hing hile de­liv­er­ing a light and ro st rit­ing in­str ent ean hile the so­phis­ti­cated vor and rich ri­en­tal red va­ri­eties are spe­cial edi­tions that have een nel cra ted and oven over three te­dio s la ers o scr p lo s lac er­ing process

The NEO Slim col­lec­tion rites his­tor ith a n er o in­no­va­tions rst in the cat­e­gor o ne rit­ing the gel pen co es ith doc ent proo re ll’ gel ink to pro­vide an e or­t­lessl s ooth rit­ing e pe­ri­ence part ro a silkier glide the gel ink pro­vides a older and righter nish­ing that lasts or a longer pe­riod o ti e The ink roller also oasts a cera ic re ll’ ith ast dr ing ink or last­ing rit­ing pleas re

GET A GRIP Func­tion meets style with the NEO Slim pens, hav­ing fash­ioned a spring-loaded metal clip that ef­fec­tively grips on any sur­face. The com­fort­able er­gonomic de­sign of the pens also al­lows bet­ter han­dling of the cone so writ­ing mo­men­tum won’t be in­ter­rupted. SIN­CERELY YOURS The Faber-Castell seal is placed on the side to al­low con­ve­nient cus­tomi­sa­tion or per­son­al­i­sa­tion – mak­ing each pen uniquely your own. CAP IT OFF One of the fea­tures in the new col­lec­tion is the slim, dy­namic shape of the ball pen that boasts the rst ever sty­lus’ func­tion, where the open end cap is able to t both ends and can be capped on the cone of the pen when­ever the sty­lus is in use.

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