Egyp­tian gods on the loose

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - BOOKS - Com­piled by DAPHNE LEE The Kane Chron­i­cles: The Red Pyra­mid A Trick Of The Dark Lock­down: Es­cape From Fur­nace The Grimm Legacy

Author: Rick Rior­dan Pub­lisher: Puf­fin Books, 528 pages

SINCE their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have be­come near strangers. While Sadie lives with her grand­par­ents in London, her brother trav­els the world with their fa­ther, the bril­liant Egyp­tol­o­gist, Dr Julius Kane. One night, Dr Kane brings the sib­lings to­gether for a “re­search ex­per­i­ment” at the Bri­tish Mu­seum, where he hopes to set things right for his fam­ily. In­stead, he un­leashes the Egyp­tian god Set, who ban­ishes him to obliv­ion and forces the chil­dren to flee for their lives. Soon, Sadie and Carter dis­cover that the gods of Egypt are wak­ing, and that Set has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the sib­lings em­bark on a dan­ger­ous jour­ney across the globe – a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their fam­ily, and their links to a se­cret or­der that has ex­isted since the time of the pharaohs. Author: B.R. Collins Pub­lisher: Blooms­bury Pub­lish­ing, 320 ZACH and his sis­ter Annis have been up­rooted by their par­ents from their com­fort­able home to a re­mote and half-built barn in France. It’s a des­per­ate at­tempt to save not only a mar­riage but also the fam­ily. When Zach de­fies his par­ents’ wishes and ex­plores a nearby ruin, things take a turn for the worse. A hor­rific ac­ci­dent leaves him bro­ken on the ground. Annis sees him seem­ingly dead, but mo­ments later, Zach is up, with hardly a scratch on him. What has Zach done to cheat death and what is the price of the life he has snatched? Author: Cather­ine Cooper Pub­lisher: In­fi­nite Ideas, 384 pages WHEN Jack Brenin finds a golden acorn ly­ing in the grass, lit­tle does he know that it is the be­gin­ning of a thrilling and mag­i­cal ad­ven­ture. Just an or­di­nary boy, Jack has been cho­sen for a hugely im­por­tant task, and en­ters a world he be­lieved only ex­isted in leg­end. Full of twists and turns, talk­ing ravens and mis­chievous Sprig­gans, The Golden Acorn is the win­ner of the Brit Writ­ers’ Awards. Author: Alexan­der Gor­don Smith Pub­lisher: Square Fish, 304 pages FUR­NACE Pen­i­ten­tiary, the world’s most se­cure prison for young of­fend­ers, is buried a mile be­neath the Earth’s sur­face. Con­victed of a murder he didn’t com­mit, sen­tenced to life with­out pa­role, “new fish” Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices: find a way out, or re­sign him­self to a death be­hind bars, in the dark­ness at the bot­tom of the world. Ex­cept in Fur­nace, death is the least of his wor­ries. Soon Alex dis­cov­ers that the prison is a place of pure evil. With some fel­low in­mates, Alex plans an es­cape, but, as he starts to un­cover the truth about Fur­nace’s deeper, darker pur­pose, Alex’s ac­tions grow ever more dan­ger­ous, and he must risk ev­ery­thing to ex­pose this night­mare that’s hid­den from the eyes of the world. A DRUG deal goes south and a cop has been shot. Lil J’s on the run and he’s start­ing to get dope sick. He’d do any­thing to change the last 24 hours, and when he stum­bles into an aban­doned build­ing, it ac­tu­ally might be pos­si­ble. El­e­ments of mag­i­cal re­al­ism in­ten­sify this har­row­ing story about drug use, vi­o­lence, per­cep­tions of re­al­ity, and sec­ond chances. Author: Adam Rex Pub­lisher: Balzer + Bray, 336 pages DOUG Lee is un­dead quite by ac­ci­dent – at­tacked by a des­per­ate vam­pire, he finds him­self cursed with be­ing fat and 15 for­ever. When he has no luck find­ing some Goth chick with a vam­pire fetish, he re­sorts to suck­ing the blood of cows un­der cover of night. But it’s just not the same. Then he meets a new In­dian ex­change stu­dent and falls for her. Yeah, he wants to bite her, but he also wants to prove him­self to her. But like the laws of life, love, and high school, the laws of vam­pire ex­is­tence are com­pli­cated, es­pe­cially when the star of Vam­pire Hunters is hot on your trail in an at­tempt to boost rat­ings. Author: Polly Shul­man Pub­lisher: Put­nam Ju­ve­nile, 327 pages EL­IZ­A­BETH has a new job at an un­usual li­brary – a lend­ing li­brary of ob­jects, not books. In a se­cret room in the base­ment lies the Grimm Col­lec­tion. That’s where the li­brar­i­ans lock away pow­er­ful items straight out of the Broth­ers Grimm fairy tales: seven-league boots, a ta­ble that pro­duces a feast at the blink of an eye, Snow White’s step­mother’s sin­is­ter mir­ror that talks in rid­dles. When the mag­i­cal ob­jects start to dis­ap­pear, El­iz­a­beth em­barks on a dan­ger­ous quest to catch the thief be­fore she can be ac­cused of the crime – or cap­tured her­self! Author & Il­lus­tra­tor: Mo Willems Pub­lisher: Balzer + Bray, 32 pages JOIN spunky Cat the Cat as she in­tro­duces the very youngest read­ers to her world. In Time To Sleep, Cat pre­pares for bed­time. Her friends, in­clud­ing Pig the Pig, Hsark the Shark and, of course, Sheep the Sheep are go­ing through the usual be­fore-bed rit­u­als like read­ing a story, tak­ing a bath and brush­ing their teeth. In the end, only Owl is awake, watch­ing over his friends from his perch against a dark blue sky. A de­light­ful, fun and sooth­ing bed­time book.


Wal­ter Dean My­ers

Amis­tad, 209 pages

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