Alien en­coun­ters

Our young read­ers let their imag­i­na­tion soar as they share their take on UFOs.

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WHY are there sight­ings of UFOs on Earth? Do they ex­ist? If so, what do these alien vis­i­tors want? Are they friendly or are they a threat? Is it wise to make con­tact with aliens? Will they con­quer us?

Well, Starchild read­ers have their the­o­ries on the topic, Uniden­ti­fied Fly­ing Ob­ject or UFO. Some even spin their own sto­ries of meet­ing with aliens.

Aliens have landed in Puchong, Kuala Kumpur, and are go­ing to a res­tau­rant. Well, this one is re­ally cre­ative!

“The green aliens have one eye each. They want to try our nasi lemak. I hope they like it and don’t find it too spicy,” writes Megan Hew Wei Xin, five.

In the year 3510, aliens will in­vade the galaxy in their space­ships, pre­dicts Lu­cas Tan Jiale, nine. “When they visit their pals, they will use jet packs,” he says.

(A jet pack is a de­vice worn on the back and uses jets of es­cap­ing gases to al­low a sin­gle user to fly. The jet pack is cur­rently for as­tro­nauts.)

Re­becca Wan En-Yi, nine, writes: “In the year 3010, aliens will take over the uni­verse. We will no longer use cars but UFOs in­stead. Our tow­ers will no longer be straight but crooked.”

Erin Chiew Yi Ling, nine, imag­ines friendly aliens from Mars who come in peace. They come to Earth to look for gold. Sib­ling Ryan Chiew, six, has also given names to his aliens.

Ryan Hong Yan Jun, eight, has a the­ory that aliens are friendly and kind. “They like to make friends with peo­ple and if I meet them, I will say ‘Hello’ to them.”

Sachika Ma­hade­van, nine, and Bhu­ven­raj Ganesh, four, both want to meet the aliens and make friends with them.

Is­abel Yap Li Yen, seven, has dreamt about aliens and wishes to meet them some­day. She imag­ines how aliens would look like in her draw­ing.

San­jeevram Sar­a­vanan, five, lets his cre­ative juices flow and writes about see­ing a UFO be­hind his house. How­ever, it dis­ap­peared in a flash. It was a scary ex­pe­ri­ence for him.

Kushalini Dhamodaran, five, imag­ines an en­counter with three alien space­craft with pur­ple lights.

Carmen Wong Xue Men, nine, spins a tale of how she and her sis­ter went out of the house one night and found a space­ship. They met the aliens and learnt that their space­ship had bro­ken down. The sis­ters want to help the aliens to re­pair the space­craft so that they can re­turn home safely.

“One morn­ing, I saw a colour­ful UFO at the park near my house. The aliens come from planet Saturn. I asked if I could visit their planet and they wel­comed me. How­ever, their space­craft had stalled and needed to be re­paired,” re­lates Lim Xi­wei, seven.

Lau­ryn Tan Zi Yi, five, had an alien en­counter on a bright, starry night. “I looked at the sky with a pow­er­ful te­le­scope which my fa­ther had bought for me. I could see shin­ing stars and plan­ets. All of a sud­den, I saw a space­ship with three aliens. They were green and ap­peared friendly. I called out to my mum but she told me that it was just my imag­i­na­tion. I looked at the sky again but the aliens were gone.”

Jonathan Tan Chun Xin, six, dreamt that he was in a rocket in space and saw many UFOs. “I also saw an alien walk­ing on a bridge con­nect­ing a planet to Earth. The aliens want to make friends with us.”

Low Jing Heng, seven, imag­ines a trip to outer space as an ex­plorer. She wants to be in the city of the UFOs.

Low Jing Xuan, six, wishes that she can cel­e­brate her birth­day with aliens from an­other planet.

Khoo Su Yen, nine, thinks aliens are green be­ings with three legs and two hands. They also have two an­ten­nae com­ing out side­ways from their heads.

Grace­lyn V James, eight, will be thrilled and happy to meet the aliens. They will look very dif­fer­ent, she says.

Ade­line Quah Wei Ling, seven, imag­ines Jonathan Tan Chun Xin, 6 see­ing a colour­ful alien. “It has a green head, horns for ears, small eyes and mouth, and a nar­row neck. I was very fright­ened.”

Adrian Quah Wei Ming, nine, has a story about aliens who landed on a big open field. “As I ran to­wards the UFO, I saw four green aliens with big heads and three ear horns. One of them shouted at me. I was fright­ened and quickly ran away. Next, I saw the UFO fly­ing away over my head.”

“I went fish­ing one day and had a close en­counter with a UFO and four aliens. They were so happy to see me but I was re­ally scared,” says Lim Xi­mum, five, of her fan­tasy tale.

A green rep­til­ian-like beast that stands up­right. It has orange eyes and a glow­ing red out­line. That is an alien in the eyes of Im­mac­u­lata James, 11. He writes: “When I see this alien, I will scream be­cause I have never seen a crea­ture like this be­fore!”

Cyrille Yong Chun Min, 10, imag­ines a strange en­counter with aliens. “I saw a gi­gan­tic saucer that was half-moon shaped, oval in

Lim Ximun, 5 front and con­vex in the rear. This UFO had flash­ing lights and a fierce-look­ing green alien with red eyes and ra­zor-sharp claws. I also saw other UFOs hov­er­ing above. I slipped away, trem­bling with fear.”

Ni­cole Anas­ta­sia Stephen, 12, thinks that aliens re­gard us as en­e­mies. She imag­ines them hatch­ing an evil plot to de­stroy Earth dur­ing the eclipse of the sun. – Com­piledby Ma­jorieChiew ITEM: The Petronas Twin Tow­ers form an iconic land­mark of the Kuala Lumpur City Cen­tre (KLCC). Jo­hor Baru is plan­ning to have its own KLCC, too, with its twin tow­ers, ho­tels, con­dos, ser­vice apart­ments and re­tail com­plexes. Also planned for the site is a mass rapid tran­sit sys­tem.

If you’re the mayor of your town, how do you want your KLCC to look like? Firstly, the must-have build­ing is the Twin Tow­ers. How many storeys will it be? How dif­fer­ent will your sky­scraper be?

Then, you need to in­ject life into the sur­round­ing ar­eas – a shop­ping mall and a land­scaped gar­den to draw peo­ple to this hub. There will also be ho­tels to cater to tourists and con­dos for folks who want to live within this city cen­tre.

Tell us your big plans for your own KLCC. What are the tourist at­trac­tions? Will the park be opened at night? Will there be spe­cial fa­cil­i­ties for chil­dren? What sou­venirs do you plan to sell to tourists?

Draw your dream KLCC project and the sur­round­ing ar­eas. Try and make the twin tow­ers look dif­fer­ent from the Petronas Twin Tow­ers. Or you can draw the tourist at­trac­tions of this project.

All letters must con­tain your full name, age (open to chil­dren 12 and be­low only), gen­der and ad­dress. Don’t for­get to write your name be­hind the draw­ing and the topic, My KLCC, on the en­ve­lope. All letters must reach us by Oct 29. Send your letters to: Starchild, c/o StarTwo Star Pub­li­ca­tions (M) Bhd Me­nara Star 15 Jalan 16/11 46350 Petaling Jaya

Khoo Su Yen, 9

Is­abel Yap Li Yen, 7

Cyrille Yong Chun Min, 10

Ade­line Quah Wei Ling, 7

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