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EACH sen­tence be­low con­tains a syn­onym of the ital­i­cised word(s), spelt out in con­sec­u­tive letters. Can you spot it?

Ex­am­ple: The cou­ple con­tin­ued their walk along the path in si­lence af­ter he com­mented that she was not as slim as she used to be.

1. The cashier sud­denly felt ill as she was count­ing the money in her cash reg­is­ter.

2. His par­ents ad­vised him, “Read books and mag­a­zines in your free time.”

3. “The cat in your gar­den was chas­ing a very small mouse.”

4. He de­clared his true love for her and added, “You are al­ways on my mind.”

5. He has been feel­ing wishy-washy of late, prob­a­bly be­cause a char­la­tan said to him, “You are five hun­dred cig­a­rettes short of a car­diac ar­rest.”

6. He wrote a story about his ad­ven­tures in the Ori­ent.

7. A group of law stu­dents were hav­ing a dis­cus­sion when one of them sud­denly said, “Your ar­gu­ment has one se­ri­ous fault.”

8. The con­test or­gan­iser said to the large group of beau­ti­ful girls, “You will be vy­ing for three ti­tles.”

9. “I may not look strong and healthy to you, but if I train hard for the race, I have a good chance of be­com­ing the cham­pion.”

10. The con­tes­tants were ad­vised by the sec­re­tary to pe­ruse the rules and reg­u­la­tions on the en­try form.

11. The chair­man gave each of his hard­work­ing em­ploy­ees a hand-crafted jewel.

12. An un­healthily fat man says to his friend, “I’d like to be se­ri­ously wealthy so that I can af­ford to eat ten meals a day!”

13. The mu­nif­i­cent boss gave cash and other gifts to ev­ery fac­tory worker who at­tended his birth­day party.

14. “I am a res­o­lute sup­porter of the club, and I plan to join them in their first out­ing to the sea­side.”

15. “If I lend you my favourite DVDs, will you help me with the as­sign­ment in this folder?”


1. till 2. spare 3. tiny 4. real 5. shy of 6. East 7. flaw 8. bevy 9. fit 10. read 11. gem 12. obese 13. hand 14. stout 15. file

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