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Kate (left, voiced by Hay­den Panet­tiere) and Humphrey (Justin Long) are like night and day in a wildlife park in Canada. The Al­pha are wolves who hunt and pro­vide food for the whole pack. The Omegas have fun all day long and do noth­ing to con­trib­ute to the well-be­ing of the pack. Nat­u­rally, the two don’t mix – which means dif­fer­ent and spe­cific so­cial cir­cles in the pack. This also ul­ti­mately means an Al­pha and an Omega can­not be a cou­ple.

Never mind that this is a chil­dren’s film, the whole movie is about an Omega named Humphrey (Justin Long) who has a crush on an Al­pha named Kate (voiced by Hay­den Panet­tiere). How­ever, the two get some­where when Humphrey and Kate are cap­tured and placed in an­other park so they can mate. Need­less to say, Kate needs to get back to her own pack as she is the re­spon­si­ble one.

Oh, how tire­some, the “op­po­sites at­tract” schtick in wolf form. Very few mo­ments hit the right note in this an­i­mated fea­ture that has such a ba­sic premise and rather mo­not­o­nous char­ac­ters. While it’s not com­pletely ter­ri­ble, there is re­ally noth­ing out­stand­ing about it ei­ther. –Mum­ta­jBegum ( )

Eat Pray Love

AMONG Ju­lia Roberts’ great tal­ents is the un­canny abil­ity to re­main like­able no mat­ter what char­ac­ter she plays. Such is the case when Roberts plays the self-serv­ing El­iz­a­beth Gil­bert based on Gil­bert’s book Eat Pray Love, a mem­oir that de­picts her bro­ken­ness over failed re­la­tion­ships and a self-funded year of trav­els to ex­pe­ri­ence life dif­fer­ently from what she has known.

Through that, she dis­cov­ers the joy of in­dul­gent eat­ing in Italy with a new com­pany of friends, an un­ex­pected friend­ship and peace through med­i­ta­tion at an ashram in In­dia and ul­ti­mately, a new love in Bali when she fi­nally learns to be con­tent with what (or who) she’s got.

Di­rec­tor Ryan Mur­phy doesn’t bur­den us with long-winded ex­pla­na­tions of what went wrong in Gil­bert’s re­la­tion­ships but rather, the lit­tle things that give Gil­bert new in­sight: a new friend­ship, or go­ing at a pizza with­out re­gard for her waist­line.

The screen­play was too long – and a tad too whiney – for my lik­ing. My ad­vice: watch it if you are pre­pared to kiss 133 min­utes of your life good­bye for­ever only to be com­forted by the fact that Ju­lia Roberts is a fan­tas­tic ac­tress who can bring a pre­sum­ably poignant but rel­a­tively “slow” piece to life, and ex­pect noth­ing more. – Ch­eryl Poo ( )


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