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You need: 2 plas­tic prune tubs 12 plas­tic bot­tle cap rings Wire Raf­fia strings – re­cy­cled from loops for ty­ing Cut­ter Pierc­ing tool Pli­ers Mak­ing the hang­ing bas­kets:

1. Cut ver­ti­cal lines, 1cm apart, around the border at the top of the prune tub to within 1cm of the base. Be care­ful when cut­ting. Make about 32 slits.

2. Press the tub down­wards with one hand. This widens the slits and the strips of the tub are pushed out­wards. Use the other hand to crimp the strips to get crisp fold lines, to form a bas­ket. If you don’t do this, the tub will spring back to its orig­i­nal shape when you re­lease your hold on it.

3. Pierce six sets of holes, each set 0.5cm apart, be­tween the rim and the border at the top of the tub. Bend a short length of wire into a U-shape, and thread a plas­tic bot­tle ring through it. Then poke the ends of the wire, from the out­side of the tub, into the set of holes along the rim. Twist the ends of the wire on the in­side of the tub to form a ring. At­tach five more rings around the tub in the same way. Make an­other bas­ket from the sec­ond tub. 4. Cut open the loops of raf­fia strings and trim three pieces into 30cm lengths. Pass the end of a string into a wire ring on the in­side of a bas­ket. Tie a dou­ble knot so that it won’t slip out of the ring. At­tach an­other two raf­fia strings to al­ter­nate rings of the bas­ket. Pull up the three strings and se­cure a knot, leav­ing tails of about 6cm.

5. Sep­a­rate one string from the other two, and form a small loop. Tie the ends to­gether.

6. Pierce three holes at the base of the bas­ket, di­rectly be­low the top three strings. Cut three lengths of raf­fia string, each 20cm long. Pass the end of a string into the hole and tie a knot on the in­side of the bas­ket. At­tach the other two strings to the bas­ket in the same way.

7. Tie the three strings of the bas­ket to the wire rings at the top of the other bas­ket to join them to­gether into a set of hang­ing bas­kets. T is easy to cut slits around a plas­tic prune tub to shape it into a Chi­nese lantern or a bas­ket for prac­ti­cal use. Place it on the ta­ble for stor­ing sta­tionery or pot­pourri. Or turn them into gift bas­kets filled with fruits.

In this project, two bas­kets are dec­o­rated with bot­tle cap rings from soda bot­tles and hung with raf­fia strings re­cy­cled from loops used to tie food in plas­tic bags.

They are space-savers and great for stor­ing kitchen pro­duce, bath­room items or knick-knacks in the room.

You can use them as planters for small spec­i­mens of ferns, too.

From plas­tic prune tubs, plas­tic bot­tle rings and raf­fia string.

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