Flo­ral mir­ror

Frame your face with flow­ers and leaves.

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IMak­ing the pressed flo­ral mir­ror

1. Draw a win­dow, 20cm by 30cm, in­side the mount­ing board to mark the po­si­tion for the mir­ror. Ap­ply acrylic paint with a sponge to the board. Ap­ply a sec­ond colour ei­ther with the sponge or by spat­ter­ing with a tooth­brush to add tex­ture to the back­ground.

2. Work out a rough lay­out for the pressed flow­ers to be ar­ranged around the border. The cir­cles in the di­a­gram are guides to in­di­cate the fo­cal points from where each set of flow­ers and leaves are to ra­di­ate. Base your border de­sign on them. Lay out some big­ger pieces of leaves onto the board and move them around with tweez­ers un­til you are sat­is­fied with the ar­range­ment.

3. Pick up each leaf and spread a thin layer of glue onto the back with a tooth­pick. Use tweez­ers to trans­fer the leaf onto the board. Place a piece of scrap paper over the leaf and run your hand over it to smoothen and press it in place. Next, ar­range and glue the flow­ers or smaller leaves at the fo­cal points. Fill in the spa­ces be­tween each clus­ter with smaller leaves to com­plete the border.

4. Ap­ply three coats of craft var­nish over LIKE to give mir­rors as birth­day gifts. I think they make won­der­ful and prac­ti­cal presents. Who does not like look­ing at her own face and check­ing her ap­pear­ance ev­ery time she passes a mir­ror?

So, let’s make a craft project with a mir­ror. This mir­ror with pressed flow­ers and leaves around the border gives the viewer some­thing more to ad­mire than her re­flec­tion!

As the border is wide, se­lect big­ger leaves, es­pe­cially pin­nate ones. Among the spec­i­mens I used here are curry leaves, ulam raja, the leaves of the bit­ter gourd and cape honey­suckle. The flow­ers used are tore­nias, ixo­ras, small hibis­cus and culphea. Seal them with a few lay­ers of var­nish and they are embed­ded for all eter­nity!

To add ex­tra sparkle, in­ter­sperse the de­sign with pieces of cut CDs.

My piece of hand­i­craft is go­ing to some­one gen­tle, some­one cel­e­brat­ing her 80th birth­day this month.

Pressed-flo­ral mir­ror

From mount­ing board, pressed flow­ers and CD. You need: Half white mount­ing board – 37cm x 50cm Pressed flow­ers and leaves Old CD PVA and UHU glue Tooth­pick and tweez­ers Cut­ter Pen­cil and ruler Scrap paper Acrylic paints Sponge and tooth­brush Brushes Craft var­nish Go to framer for: Wooden frame Mir­ror Back­ing board and hooks

Press­ing flow­ers and leaves

> Pick flow­ers and leaves at noon or later when they are free of dew and mois­ture.

> Check that there are no in­sects on your spec­i­mens. Do not col­lect those which are torn or chewed by in­sects.

> Cut off or trim parts of the flow­ers or leaves which are thick.

> Place your spec­i­mens in be­tween the pages of a tele­phone direc­tory.

> Put a pile of heavy books on the direc­tory and set aside for two weeks.

> When well-pressed and ready for use, the spec­i­mens hold their shape and are not limp.

the whole border, al­low­ing to dry com­pletely in be­tween each coat.

5. Bring your piece to a framer to frame and set a mir­ror onto it. (note: My framer cuts a win­dow within the pen­cil-marked rec­tan­gle and glues the mir­ror right onto the back­ing board.) 6. Cut up a CD. Trim small cir­cles to glue them onto the fo­cal points of the flo­ral ar­range­ment around the border. Cut heart shapes of dif­fer­ent sizes and glue them in the spa­ces be­tween the flow­ers and leaves. Hang and dis­play your mir­ror away from di­rect sun­light.

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