Fun with ac­ces­sories

Your out­fit can take on a whole new look with the right ac­ces­sories.

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THERE prob­a­bly hasn’t been a sin­gle day in the past five years that I’ve walked out of the house sans ear­rings. My watches, too, are part of my daily at­tire and these days, I find joy in slid­ing on a chunky ring or two on my fin­gers.

I have to ad­mit, how­ever, that when it comes to shop­ping, ac­ces­sories are my last pri­or­ity. First come the clothes, then shoes, and then ac­ces­sories (I con­sider bags and hats ac­ces­sories). A few of my girl­friends dis­agree with my pri­or­i­ties, in­sist­ing that ac­ces­sories can make or break an out­fit.

Upon their in­sis­tence, I flipped through pic­tures from the Spring/ Sum­mer 2011 col­lec­tion at the Por­tu­gal Fashion Week to see how much of a pres­ence ac­ces­sories had on the run­way.

Well, there they were – in all their glory. You just couldn’t help but be steered away from the out­fits the mod­els were wear­ing to mar­vel at the ac­ces­sories they had on. Here are a few stand­outs:


I have bad eye­sight, and I wear con­tact lenses. The only rea­son I ever wear glasses is when I’m out of con­tact lenses, or I’m at home where no one but my cats can see my four-eyed self.

How­ever, gone are the days when peo­ple would call you a nerd or a geek for wear­ing thick-rimmed glasses. I’ve no­ticed that the trend has ex­tended be­yond in­die fes­ti­val at­ten­dees and arty souls – they are be­ing worn by peo­ple of all sizes, shapes, and at­ti­tudes, even by those with 20/20 vi­sion! The other day I bumped into a guy wear­ing thick, black-rimmed glasses with no lenses on them. Yup, all he had on was a round, black frame and he looked awe­some.

Still, I pre­fer my glasses to be func­tional.

Chunky neck­laces

The most drab of out­fits can be spiced up with an eye-catch­ing pen­dant be­cause they are works of art, re­ally.

Many large pen­dants are heavy, so choose wisely when shop­ping for one. Make sure what­ever it is bound to can hold its weight. I per­son­ally pre­fer smaller pen­dants, as I can’t stand the pres­sure around

my neck, but if I find a piece that is large and elab­o­rate but still light as a feather, I’ll go for it.

Speak­ing of feath­ers, these days you can find pen­dants fash­ioned with feath­ers ev­ery­where – there are even neck­laces fully adorned with feath­ers that will re­ally make a state­ment if paired with the right out­fit.


Satchels seem to have made a come­back now. The long strap of a satchel al­lows the per­son car­ry­ing the bag to have a more re­laxed pos­ture. How­ever, do be very care­ful when walk­ing on side­walks or curbs – satchels can also be eas­ily snatched.

Look out for bags that come with both long and short straps, so that you can con­ve­niently switch the way you carry your bag when need be.

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