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YOU won’t be­lieve this story: A cou­ple in the United States were re­cently charged for stab­bing a home­less man and ...wait for it ... drink­ing his blood. Like, what? This cou­ple at­tacked the poor man when he re­fused to let them drink his blood – thus prov­ing that this world is in­deed made up of all kind of freaks.

Right when we thought that the vam­pire phe­nom­e­non couldn’t get any weirder, we hear news of young lovers bit­ing and drink­ing each other’s blood.

Yup, it’s true. Right now, some­where in the world, there is a kid bit­ing some­one un­til they bleed and then pro­ceed­ing to drink their blood.

That is not even the disgusting part. These kids hap­pen to en­joy it and don’t seem to mind the se­ri­ous con­se­quences of their silly acts like trans­fer­ring blood­trans­fused viruses.

This dis­turb­ing “trend” has been around for a while now and prac­tised among those who be­lieved they were descen­dents of vam­pires. There used to be sto­ries of vam­pire cult fol­low­ers so im­mersed in the life­style that they truly be­lieved they were the liv­ing dead. But this was many, many years ago.

Now, though, the trend is pop­u­lar again, thanks to some overzeal­ous vam­pire fans who want to em­u­late the char­ac­ters they see on screen.

Some of the movies and tele­vi­sion se­ries that have helped re­gen­er­ate the fad are Twi­light, True Blood and The Vam­pire Di­aries.

These shows, mostly based on books, are by far the most talked-about vam­pire-in­spired any­thing. Even author Anne Rice would have noth­ing against them, I think.

These su­per suc­cess­ful shows have ro­man­ti­cised the act of tak­ing a huge bite out of some­one’s neck (or arms if you’re True Blood’s Bill Comp­ton) and drink their blood hun­grily, and some­times even sex­ily.

First of all, there is noth­ing sexy about drink­ing some­one’s blood!

I know that there are some peo­ple out there who truly be­lieve that they are vam­pires and/or maybe re­lated to a vam­pire, so I don’t want to get into that dis­cus­sion. But se­ri­ously, drink­ing some­one else’s blood is down­right freaky, don’t you think?

What next? You want your skin to sparkle un­der the sun­light like the Cul­lens in Twi­light or have the in­abil­ity to show any emo­tion like Bella Swan? Oh wait, that’s just Kris­ten Ste­wart un­able to act.

Just be­cause you see it on screen doesn’t make it all right to reen­act the scenes in real life.

A teenager from In­di­ana in the US killed his 10-year-old brother re­cently be­cause he thought he shared sim­i­lar traits with the char­ac­ter Dex­ter Mor­gan from the hit TV se­ries, Dex­ter. In that show, Michael C. Hall plays a ruth­less se­rial killer who goes on a hunt for bad guys and kills them mer­ci­lessly. To be fair, Dex­ter thinks that he is do­ing the so­ci­ety a favour by get­ting rid of the bad seeds; still, he kills.

Perez Hil­ton wrote on his blog that this delu­sional teenager, An­drew Con­ley, had ad­mit­ted to his for­mer girl­friend that he wanted to be just like Dex­ter be­fore com­mit­ing the grue­some act.

The com­ments sec­tion for the blog­post was abuzz with how cer­tain tele­vi­sion se­ries and movies in­flu­ence the kids for the worse, I am not sure if I agree with that.

I mean, I have watched Twi­light (for­give me Lord, for I have sinned) and even Dex­ter but I never once felt like turn­ing into a vam­pire or go on a killing spree. Al­though, I have felt like go­ing on a vam­pire killing spree ... does that count?

To be hon­est, I’ve had my fan­girl mo­ments as well, and it was for Harry Pot­ter. I re­mem­ber the days when I would say “lu­mos” be­fore switch­ing on the lights or “alo­hamora” be­fore turn­ing the door­knob, but that was all. To­tally in­no­cent, right?

Nev­er­the­less, Harry Pot­ter has its share of weirdo fol­low­ers as well – those who think that they can use witch­craft on un­su­pect­ing folks or make a broom fly.

In fact, when Harry Pot­ter was first re­leased, there were sto­ries of young kids fak­ing poor eye­sight just so they could wear glasses like their idol. Poor kids, they didn’t know what they had got­ten them­selves into. Sharm says: Not ev­ery­thing on TV is good ... and not ev­ery­thing good is on TV ei­ther. Be smart.

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