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Fashion fold­ers out of plas­tic-coated bulk paper wrap­pers.

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You need: 4 sheets plas­tic-coated wrap­pers (for reams of A4 pa­pers) HILE wait­ing at the pho­to­copier shop that I have been fre­quent­ing over the years, I no­ticed a pile of bright and glossy paper strewn in a corner. On closer in­spec­tion, I re­alised that these were the pa­pers used to wrap the reams of A4 paper. They are plas­tic-coated on one side, mak­ing them wa­ter­proof and they do not tear eas­ily.

There I sat and stared, con­jur­ing in my mind im­ages of items which could be made from them. The shop pro­pri­etor gladly rolled up a few sheets for me to see what I could come up with.

A few bags of vary­ing sizes were the first prod­ucts I made. Then I de­cided on fold­ing a few and stitch­ing them to­gether into a set of fold­ers which could be turned like the pages of a book.

Be­cause the sur­face is smooth and glossy, I de­cided to draw lines and shapes with just a black marker over the printed words. The ink dries in­stantly. The end-re­sult has a com­pli­cated lay­ered look but is ac­tu­ally very easy to ex­e­cute!

From plas­tic-coated bulk paper wrap­per Thick black per­ma­nent marker Craft nee­dle and strong thread Scis­sors Pierc­ing tool PVA glue 2 pieces satin rib­bon, each 40cm long Mak­ing the fold­ers

1. Open up the wrap­per, lay it out flat on the ta­ble and smoothen it as best as you can. The fold-line creases will still be vis­i­ble. Fold it in half so that the short edges meet.

2. There is a fold-line 3.5cm from the right and left sides. Lift up the right edge of the paper and crease along the fold-line to fold it over to the front. At the same time, press the bot­tom corner up to form a triangle.

3. Fold the left flap over to the right flap and then fold the right over to the left to cover it com­pletely to form a nice seam. Ap­ply glue to stick the seam firmly at the side.

4. Re­peat steps 2 and 3 for the left side of the folded paper. This is a folder.

5. Fold the seams back to­wards the sides and put your hand in­side to push open the folder.

6. Fold a 3.5cm border into the in­side of the folder at the top. Make an­other three fold­ers in the same way.

7. Ar­range the four fold­ers in a stack. Use the pierc­ing tool to poke a dozen holes into all the fold­ers less than 1cm from the bot­tom edge. Stitch them to­gether se­curely along the holes. You should be able to open up your fold­ers like a book.

8. Use the thick black marker to draw ran­dom lines onto the top side (cover) of the stack of fold­ers to di­vide the space. Then draw sim­ple lines and shapes in­side the ar­eas drawn to cre­ate an in­ter­est­ing pat­tern for the folder.

9. Punch a hole, 1cm from the top edge, at the cen­ter of the front and back cov­ers of the stack of fold­ers. Pass one satin rib­bon through each hole and se­cure a knot on the in­side of the fold­ers. Tie the rib­bons to­gether to close the fold­ers.

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