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Our young read­ers let their imag­i­na­tion soar as they take to the skies.

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IN car­toons or fan­tasy movies, we see chil­dren rid­ing all sorts of crea­tures. They are whisked away to strange lands where they bat­tle evil and emerge vic­to­ri­ous.

What sort of crea­tures would chil­dren like to ride on? Let’s read what they have to say about Fan­tasy Ride.

The uni­corn ap­pears to be a favourite among chil­dren as they em­bark on a fan­tasy trip.

While ev­ery­one is fast asleep, Bhu­ven­raj Ganesh, four, wants to go out and play. He wants to soar in the mid­night sky on his uni­corn called Maya. “We will cir­cle the Earth and re­turn in the morn­ing when Maya will van­ish into gold dust and stay in my closet un­til the next ride.”

Teo Zoe, eight, has a seven-year-old uni­corn. “Her name is SnowS­tar and she was born in Arcadia.”

“My pet can fly any­where. Ev­ery­day she will take me and my younger sis­ter to see the rain­bow,” writes Carmen Wong Xue Men, nine, who has a uni­corn named Rain­bow Dash.

S Gay­athiri, seven, wants to ride Beauty, her pet uni­corn, ev­ery week­end. “She is beau­ti­ful and kind. I love my fan­tasty pet!”

Ivan Hew Cheng Xi, seven, wants to ride his uni­corn to save his friends who are held cap­tive by gang­sters. He will fight with all his might to free his friends – with his uni­corn’s help, of course.

Leow Yong Xi, six, is fond of trav­el­ling. She hopes her pet, Pe­ga­sus, will fly her to War­wick Cas­tle in Eng­land one day.

Teh Aik Jin, seven, wants to ride his pet named Gor­den and fly to­wards the sun. He wants to find out how hot the sun is.

Bea­tri­cia Teh Xin Yi, 10, was read­ing a new comic book when she was sucked into an­other world – a mys­tery is­land – through a spi­ralling tun­nel. There she saw a friendly Pterosaurs, a winged rep­tile, and de­cided to make it her pet. She also met four char­ac­ters in the comic book and they went camp­ing to­gether. Af­ter her ad­ven­ture, she was pushed out of the tun­nel and woke up to find that it was just a dream.

An­nette Lee Ern, nine, has a pink fly­ing horse named Pinky. “If I wake up late, my horse will fly me to school. She can also fly me to Paris, London, Ja­pan and many other places.”

Lau­ryn Tan Zi Yi, five, says her great­est dream is to ride on a hawk with her cousin, Va­lerie. “We will fly high in the sky so that we can see the rivers, water­falls and moun­tains from above. We will fly over the North Pole and look down at the snow­capped moun­tains, glaciers and ice­bergs.”

A gi­ant but­ter­fly named Princess Lily will give Lim Ximun, five, the ride of her life. “My but­ter­fly is beau­ti­ful and likes beau­ti­ful flow­ers. We can soar high in the sky and en­joy the land­scapes be­low.”

Ryan Chiew Yuit Shuin, six, is into Poke­mon. He wants to ride on his Poke­mon pets to an­other world where other Poke­mons live. He wants to be a Poke­mon trainer and use his Poke Ball to cap­ture other Poke­mons.

Tan Kei Yi, 10, is in­spired by the Hip­pogriff in the tales of Harry Pot­ter. The Hip­pogriff is a le­gendary crea­ture that is said to be the off­spring of a grif­fin and a mare. She wants to visit a cas­tle with it.

Tan Kay Jern, four, wants to drive an Oc­to­car to Octo-World.

Gane­shani Saira Ram, eight, has a dol­phin named Am­ber. She en­joys rid­ing on her play­ful dol­phin as she gets to see many ma­rine crea­tures such as mer­maids, sea horses, jel­ly­fish and tur­tles.

Jas­mine Lim Kai En, six, also wants to ride a dol­phin to visit the un­der­wa­ter world.

Low Wen Juin, six, wants to ride on his pet whale named Hai Wang (King of the Sea) and see beau­ti­ful sea crea­tures.

Sha­ranya Renu­gopal, six, has a mer­maid named Mairi. “We can go swim­ming and have un­der­wa­ter ad­ven­tures to­gether.”

Lee Jae Mie, eight, wants to hitch a ride on a jel­ly­fish, while Low Jing Xuan, six, wants to ride on a tur­tle to visit the un­der­wa­ter king­dom.

Teh Aik Loon, five, wants to take a dive with his sea tur­tle named Appa. To­gether, they will ex­plore a se­cret un­der­wa­ter cave.

Seow Yee Xuan, five, wants to en­joy his ele­phant ride. He hopes his ele­phant can take him to school.

Seow Yee Jie, six, imag­ines rid­ing on the back of an ele­phant, while her sib­lings en­joy their boat ride.

Low Jing Heng, seven, is happy for the sim­ple things in life. It’s enough for him to have a ride on a cow. – Com­piled­byMa­jorie Chiew ITEM: Call­ing all those born in the Year of the Rab­bit. If you are 11 this year (born in 1999), most of you would have been born in the Rab­bit year.

Tell us how you feel about be­ing born in the Rab­bit Year. Tell us about your­self, your likes and dis­likes, or how you get along with friends or relatives born un­der dif­fer­ent zo­diac signs. Or you can tell us about the dif­fer­ent zo­diac signs of your fam­ily mem­bers.

You can also share in­ter­est­ing fa­bles of the Rab­bit that you have come across.

Draw any­thing you like with a pic­ture of a rab­bit in it. It can be an angpow packet with a rab­bit, or a fam­ily of cute rab­bits. Or you can even draw a cheese­cake with rab­bits on it! Use your imag­i­na­tion.

All letters must con­tain your full name, age (open to chil­dren 12 and be­low only), gen­der, e-mail, phone num­ber and ad­dress. Don’t for­get to write your name be­hind the draw­ing and the topic, Year Of The Rab­bit, on the en­ve­lope. All letters must reach us by Nov 26. Send your letters to: Starchild, c/o StarTwo Star Pub­li­ca­tions (M) Bhd Me­nara Star 15 Jalan 16/11 46350 Petaling Jaya ITEM: We have re­ceived some heart­warm­ing sto­ries on Shar­ing Prob­lems and would like to in­vite more of you to write in.

Have you ever helped some­one by lend­ing her pocket money or shar­ing food with her? Or maybe a friend missed her school­bus and you asked your par­ents to help send her home. Do you feel happy when you have done a good deed and lent some­one your sto­ry­books or colour pen­cils?

Do you feel re­lieved that your friend has helped you with your home­work and you thanked her the next day by giv­ing her a treat? Are you happy to­day be­cause you have a lit­tle gift to cheer a friend up?

Well, you can share your prob­lems with your friends who can help you. Or you can help oth­ers who tell you their prob­lems by giv­ing them a help­ing hand or show­ing that you care.

Send us a draw­ing to il­lus­trate how you solve your prob­lems or how oth­ers have helped you. Letters on Shar­ing Prob­lems must be in by Nov 26.

Lim Ximun, 5

Teh Aik Jin, 7

Bea­tri­cia Teh Xin Yi, 10

Low Wen Juin, 6

Low Jing Heng, 7

Lee Jae Mie, 8

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