Recipe for spooky fun

Don’t want to brave traf­fic and wait in line to get into clubs this Hal­loween? Throw your own party!

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IF you have not been in­vited to any Hal­loween par­ties this year, here is a ques­tion you need to ask your­self – do you have body odour? If the an­swer is yes, then please, for hu­man­ity’s sake, get some de­odor­ant.

But if the an­swer is no, well, it is about time you get some new friends now, isn’t it?

In case you’re too busy to make friends in the next three days – just in time for Hal­loween – we have a sug­ges­tion for you; throw a su­per, awe­some Hal­loween party your­self!

No­body in their right mind would say no to an out-of-this-world party and that is ex­actly what the R.AGE team is here for – to show you how to throw a Hal­loween party that’ll get peo­ple talk­ing for days.

Dis­claimer: Throw­ing this su­per awe­some party doesn’t guar­an­tee that you will make friends for life. Just to be cer­tain, smell your armpits. Are you sure you don’t have body odour?

Lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion

As much as you love ma­mak stalls, you can­not throw a party there. Trust us, we have tried.

you have to choose a venue that is con­ve­nient for ev­ery­one and where you can party hard all night long. If your par­ents are “too school for cool” and won’t let you have the party at your house, then move it to the neigh­bour­hood play­ground.

Word of ad­vice, though, be con­sid­er­ate and don’t be too much of a nui­sance to oth­ers liv­ing in that area. Clean up af­ter your mess and oh, try not to get ar­rested for mak­ing too much noise.

If you live, or know some­one who lives in a con­do­minium, check if there’s a com­mu­nity hall you can rent for the night. Some places even pro­vide sound sys­tems and chairs and ta­bles – that’ll be a good op­tion if you’re plan­ning to in­vite lots of peo­ple. The best thing is – you may not even have to clean up af­ter (as long as you don’t dam­age any­thing).

Theme party

Wouldn’t it be cool to get peo­ple to dress ac­cord­ing to a theme at your Hal­loween party? But don’t just have any lousy theme – cre­ate some­thing fun like where all your guests come dressed up like celebri­ties.

or you could go to­tally crazy and ask them to come like their favourite lo­cal cui­sine. Hey, we didn’t say the theme had to make sense, and these days, it’s al­most as if Hal­loween is an ex­cuse for a girl (or boy) to dress like a slut and get away with it, no judg­ment from any­one.

There will prob­a­bly be a few Lady Ga­gas and Michael Jack­sons this year, and prob­a­bly sev­eral Lara Crofts (we know, we see them ev­ery year at par­ties), so try your best to be orig­i­nal – re­mem­ber, you don’t have to be a scary char­ac­ter, but do try to be in­ter­est­ing.

Any­way, if you don’t have time to piece to­gether your own cos­tume, there are heaps of stores out there that rent out cos­tumes in all shapes and sizes.

Dec­o­rate, for good­ness sake

It is no fun to hold a party at a place that looks as drab as a morgue. Though come to think of it, it’d be quite fit­ting for a Hal­loween party, ac­tu­ally. But you know what we mean. Carve pump­kins to make Jack o’ lanterns (no pump­kins? Try a win­ter melon!), make scare­crows, get an “ugly” friend to stand at the front door and say ‘Boo!’ every­time some­one comes in. Just do some­thing to make the venue look Hal­loween-ready.

It’s not too hard to make your own Hal­loween dec­o­ra­tions ei­ther. Just drape lots of black fab­ric ev­ery­where and hang some ripped up gauze or cot­ton wool for that cob­web ef­fect. Can­dles would make it that much more creepy, but we don’t re­ally trust you guys with a room full of fab­ric, gauze and can­dles...

Feed ev­ery­one

The worst kind of party any­one can throw is one that in­volves a measly box of pizza and a bot­tle of car­bon­ated drink – for like, 100 guests! Don’t be a cheapo

and get some food for your friends at the party. If you’re cur­rently skint and can­not af­ford to buy party food, then don’t be too shy to tell your guests to “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Food).

You can also try to get your great-aunts, grand­moth­ers and young cousins to slave over the stove to make party snacks in the kitchen.

You can find some crazy Hal­loween-in­spired recipes on the In­ter­net and they usu­ally don’t take much ef­fort to re-cre­ate. Make freaky Hal­loween-themed fin­ger food and serve air

sirap (it’s red like blood, and it’s cheap). If all else fails, add a dash of ketchup on ev­ery­thing you serve and say that it is the “bloody” ver­sion of the orig­i­nal dish.

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, you could also try mak­ing candy ap­ples, a Hal­loween sta­ple in the United States. They’re ba­si­cally ap­ples cov­ered in carmelised sugar, so they’re re­ally not that hard to make; and there are tonnes of candy ap­ple recipes out there wait­ing to be Google-d. The only prob­lem would be mak­ing like, a hun­dred of them.

Plan ac­tiv­i­ties

This is where it gets in­ter­est­ing – for the more dar­ing, try hold­ing a seance or play the good ol’ “Spirit of the Coin” game. Go crazy and try to con­tact John Len­non, Fred­die Mer­cury, Ernest Hem­ing­way or even Michael Jack­son. Even if it doesn’t work, it’ll be worth a few laughs (and chills – have you seen Para­nor­mal

Ac­tiv­ity? Brrr!).

Scav­enger hunts can be fun too, if you have a big area to work with. Bring back games you used to play at camp like murder mys­ter­ies or just tell ghost sto­ries all night.

And for the heck of it, why not try out some­thing old school and have an ap­ple bob­bing con­test? It’s a tra­di­tional Hal­loween game, and all you need is a bucket of wa­ter and a hand­ful of ap­ples.

The ap­ples go into the buck­et­ful of wa­ter, and ev­ery­one takes turns try­ing to pick out as many ap­ples from the bucket us­ing only their mouths. Ob­vi­ously, there are some san­i­tary con­cerns with this game, but you could prob­a­bly just make sure you don’t in­vite any­one gross, or don’t re-use the ap­ples.

If you’re look­ing to do some­thing a lit­tle less messy, you could also have a Hal­loween movie marathon. There are way too many horror movies out there to sug­gest, and some of your movie snob friends might dis­agree with your choices, so it’s best to stick with clas­sics like

Night­mare On Elm Street, Hal­loween etc. That way, if your friends don’t agree with your se­lec­tion, you can say that you chose them be­cause they’re “Hal­loween favourites”.

To make things more in­ter­est­ing, you could also give the marathon a theme, like a Ja­panese or Thai horror movie night. Movies like Ringu,

Ju-On, Shut­ter and 4bia should do the trick. It’d be the per­fect way to keep peo­ple up all night at your party with­outh hav­ing to serve them cof­fee.

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