Wo­ven won­der bag

A durable hand­bag from paper.

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TYou need: A4 mag­a­zine pages Pen­cil and ruler Scis­sors and cut­ter PVA glue Tooth­pick Ham­mer Craft var­nish (op­tional) Brush Mak­ing the bag

1. Di­vide and cut a piece of flyer into quar­ters, length­wise. Roll up each piece into a slen­der straw and glue the end to se­cure it. One end is wider than the other. Make 14 paper straws.

2. Place four straws on the ta­ble and place an­other four hor­i­zon­tally over them to form a cross. Take the right straw from be­low. This is called a “weaver”. Bend it over all the hor­i­zon­tal straws on the right.

3. Push the straw un­der all the next four straws. Then place it over the hor­i­zon­tal straws on the left. Push it un­der the three re­main­ing straws. When the weaver gets too short, in­sert a straw into the end and con­tinue weav­ing.

4. Re­peat weav­ing for an­other round in the same way.

5. Spread out all your straws evenly to form “spokes”. Be­gin weav­ing in and out of the spokes by tak­ing your weaver over the first spoke, then un­der the next.

6. Re­peat un­til you have a cir­cle mea­sur­ing 12cm wide. Turn five spokes to the right and tuck them into the edge of the cir­cle (in be­tween the weaves) and glue them in place. Trim the 10 spokes to 1.5cm lengths.

7. Ham­mer both sides of the wo­ven mat to flat­ten it lightly. Turn the 10 spokes up­right.

Fol­low steps 2 to 7 to make an­other wo­ven round mat.

8. Cut a quar­ter strip of A4 mag­a­zine page into four along the width. Roll the short end of a piece over the wide end of a paper straw and glue it to make a straight bead. Make 10 paper beads.

9. Ap­ply glue onto all the 10 spokes of the round mat. In­sert the paper beads over to cover them.

10. Ap­ply glue onto the spokes of the other round mat. Align the spokes with those of the first mat, and push them into po­si­tion to join them to­gether.

11. Cut a quar­ter strip of A4 mag­a­zine page into half. Fold the sides in­wards to meet in HIS paper bag is a vari­a­tion of the bas­kets that we’ve fea­tured so far. The method we used to pro­duce the base be­fore is used to weave the sides of the bag. They are then joined to­gether at the spokes and wo­ven with flat paper strips to form the bag. At­tach two han­dles and you are ready to wow your friends with your very own D.I.Y. fancy bag. Or present it as a hand­made gift for your grandma to carry her mo­bile phone, spec­ta­cle case, packet of tis­sues, oint­ment etc!

Oc­ca­sion­ally, I re­ceive notes from read­ers who have tried out my craft projects. Some hob­by­ists are at­tracted to paper craft, while oth­ers like the sewing projects.

When I first started con­tribut­ing to this col­umn, I had feed­back from friends that their maids were my fans, and made items fol­low­ing the ideas fea­tured! Such good em­ploy­ers de­serve a pat on the back for al­low­ing their maids the lux­ury of recre­ation.

Last week, I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes when a reader, Ms. LH, sent me pic­tures of three projects she man­aged to make. They were close repli­cas of those I pre­sented!

Wo­ven-paper bag

From mag­a­zine pages the mid­dle. Fold the left side over the right to form a thin strip. Glue the folds to­gether. Make about seven to eight paper strips.

12. Weave the strips in and out of the 10 spokes of the mats, al­ter­nat­ing the strips in bas­ket-weav­ing style. When you have fin­ished weav­ing, turn the ends of each strip over the spokes and glue them in place. A paper wo­ven bag is formed.

13. Fol­low step 11 to make six more paper strips. Push the ends of a paper strip into the side of the bag from the out­side, at the top. Pull out the ends from in­side. Form a loop and glue the ends to the back of the strip to se­cure them. This is the han­dle. Make a han­dle on the other side of the bag.

14. Glue the end of a paper strip from one end of the han­dle, and then twine it over to cover the han­dle. At­tach an­other piece to fin­ish cov­er­ing the han­dle. Do the same for the other han­dle.

*Op­tional: Var­nish the bag.

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