Beach beau­ties

It’s amaz­ing what you can cre­ate with just sand, wa­ter and lots of imag­i­na­tion.

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AN out­ing by the beach pro­vides a won­der­ful respite from the daily grind. How lovely it is to watch the waves lap­ping the shores, chil­dren shriek­ing with de­light as they splash in the wa­ter, and co­conut fronds danc­ing to the rhythm of the wind.

The beach makes a great play­ground for kids. With their lit­tle pails and mini spades, chil­dren love to dig into the wet sand and cre­ate any­thing that catches their fancy.

Let’s join Starchild read­ers as they let their imag­i­na­tion run free and talk about the Sand Sculp­tures that they want to build.

Carmen Wong Xue Men, nine, wants to take part in a sand sculp­ture com­pe­ti­tion at Cher­at­ing Beach. “I would like to build a colour­ful sand cas­tle. I will use re­cy­cled items like straws, leaves, coloured paper and cloth. I hope our team will win a big tro­phy and ev­ery­body can snap pic­tures of our lovely sand cas­tle,” she says.

Arvind Asokan, eight, says that dur­ing the hol­i­days, he went to the beach with his dad while his brother and mother were on the yacht. “I built two sand cas­tles. My fa­ther helped me. I was very happy that day.”

“I love trains. I will build an LRT sys­tem as my sand sculp­ture,” says San­jeevram Sar­a­vanan, five, who aims to win first place in a sand sculp­ture com­pe­ti­tion.

Ng Jun Yang, eight, is think­ing of Egypt, which he hopes to visit some­day.

He hopes to build a sand sculp­ture in the shape of a pyra­mid. He hopes that his sculp­ture will win first prize, too.

Jen­nifer Priscilla Lourd­samy wants to build a sand sculp­ture in the shape of a mer­maid sit­ting on a rock.

Lee Yong Shen, six, loves to go to Port Dick­son with his fam­ily. “I can swim, en­joy the scenery, have a pic­nic and build sand sculp­tures. My younger brother and sis­ter will help me to build my sand sculp­tures. It will be fun.”

A robot made of sand – that’s what Bhu­ven­raj Ganesh, five, wants to cre­ate on the beach. He also plans to use coloured sand for some parts of the sand sculp­ture. “The robot will be as tall as me.”

Brian Jude Fer­nan­dez, seven, wants to build an is­land for his sand sculp­ture. On the is­land, he will build a cas­tle and make sand sculp­tures of peo­ple on horses.

Lim Xi­wei, seven, wants to build a sand sculp­ture of a man. “We will use party cone hat, peb­bles, red paint, scarf and sticks to make the sand­man more at­trac­tive.”

Des­rina Pereira, eight, wants to build a sand cas­tle with two in­ter­con­nect­ing bridges made of planks.

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San­jeevram Sar­a­vanan,

Carmen Wong Xue Men, 9

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