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ALIEN in­va­sion films serve the pur­pose of show­ing how hu­mans re­act in a moment of cri­sis. Mak­ing aliens the com­mon en­emy, the films are free to make so­cial com­men­taries about earth­lings.

In War Of The Worlds and Signs, the films are about a fa­ther go­ing to great ex­tents to en­sure his chil­dren’s sur­vival. Sim­i­larly, District 9 is ob­vi­ously an anti-apartheid film.

So, when Sky­line’s pro­tag­o­nists are a filthy rich mu­si­cian liv­ing in a fancy pent­house in Los An­ge­les and his friends, can the au­di­ence ac­tu­ally re­late to the guy? Wait, would we even like him in the first place?

Well, the an­swers are clear enough to us com­mon peo­ple and so it is the aliens we end up cheer­ing for.

So de­spite the good spe­cial ef­fects and some fun to be had (in­volv­ing stealth planes), the film re­ally has very lit­tle to say. – Mumtaj Begum ( HHIII)

Megamind 3D

IF it’s not Steve Carell, it’s Will Fer­rell. These two comedic giants seem to be up in arms fight­ing for movie roles, and now their tal­ents have even been suc­cess­fully trans­ported into the realm of an­i­ma­tion.

This time around, Fer­rell plays Megamind, a su­per-vil­lain who’s per­pet­u­ally blue in the face. He’s cute, bril­liant and bald, but the world only has eyes for caped su­per­hero Metro Man – hand­some, charm­ing and aptly voiced by Brad Pitt.

Megamind is be­sieged by the Franken­stein syn­drome: no one is born evil – it is so­ci­ety that makes him so.

Since this is es­sen­tially a kid-friendly movie, Megamind is an un­usu­ally tame Dr Evil. Well, with great power comes great re­spon­si­bil­ity. Frankly though, this film doesn’t do a great job of show­ing this.

Fer­rell’s vo­cal ac­ro­bat­ics are ex­cel­lent here. His mis­pro­nun­ci­a­tion of “Metro City” (rhyming it with “atroc­ity”) and other “un­fath­omable” words pro­vide the most laughs, though more would’ve been nice.

His chem­istry with Tina Fey, the voice of love in­ter­est Rox­anne, is noth­ing to hoot about.

Sur­prise! Rox­anne is last year’s Mon­sters VsAliens lead char­ac­ter with a new hairdo. Sadly, Fey would’ve been much bet­ter off voic­ing a clumsy char­ac­ter than a stony wideeyed hot­tie.

An­other pri­mary yet un­nec­es­sary char­ac­ter in this heroic ef­fort is Hal/Ti­tan voiced by Jonah Hill. He’s your stereo­typ­i­cal loser with noth­ing for the au­di­ence to fall back on – not even a mod­er­ately nice at­ti­tude.

Fair enough, there is some The In­cred­i­bles­like ac­tion now and then though the magic of 3D is al­most in­vis­i­ble.

But if you’re ex­pect­ing Kick­ass in­ge­nu­ity, I sug­gest you watch Megamind with an open mind. – LeeMeiLi ( HHIII)


HERE’S a sense of déjà vu: Den­zel Washington and a run­away train. Nope, this isn’t the se­quel to The Tak­ing Of Pel­ham 123. This time, the train is lit­er­ally on its own – no driver, no hostages and def­i­nitely no celebri­ties on board.

The ti­tle is per­fectly B-Grade and so is the movie. But thank­fully, Washington and Chris Pine give it a good save.

In the worst day of their lives, a vet­eran en­gi­neer and a young con­duc­tor are forced to bond as they try to evade – and later stop – a run­away train rac­ing ahead with highly flammable cargo.

There’s no vil­lain to dis­cuss, so Washington and Pine’s char­ac­ters have to make do with small talk but even that is limited. This movie lacks emo­tional drama; it would’ve been great to see Washington scared sense­less or at least, shed a few tears. Dis­ap­point­ingly, it is the trains that pro­vide the thrills.

Star Trek’s blue-eyed boy Pine isn’t given a lot of screen space to frolic, though he’s a

Run for your life: It’s tough bat­tling aliens in the sci-fi film Sky­line star­ring Eric Bal­four and Scot­tie Thomp­son.

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