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A world-renowned der­ma­tol­o­gist has come up with a lux­ury cream that goes be­yond hy­drat­ing the skin by en­er­gis­ing cells.

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SKIN­CARE com­pa­nies are al­ways try­ing to outdo them­selves, top­ping their last of­fer­ing with an even newer and bet­ter for­mula.

Well, renowned celebrity der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Fredric Brandt has come up with a creme de la creme prod­uct in his Time Ar­rest skin­care col­lec­tion that is claimed to lift, firm, tighten and re­store sag­ging age­ing skin.

The Time Ar­rest range con­tains the Age Re­vers­ing Plat­inum Technology, a skin­care sys­tem touted to coun­ter­act the loss of elas­tic­ity and firm­ness as­so­ci­ated with ma­tur­ing skin. This in­no­va­tive plat­inum de­liv­ery sys­tem works like your skin’s own GPS (global po­si­tion­ing sys­tem), car­ry­ing ac­tive in­gre­di­ents deeper into the skin, di­rectly tar­get­ing prob­lem ar­eas to re­store the skin’s struc­ture and give a more youth­ful ap­pear­ance.

Now with the new Time Ar­rest Crème DeLUXE, the for­mula is claimed to go be­yond hy­drat­ing the skin – it en­er­gises cells with oxy­gen, im­proves ra­di­ance, tex­ture and tone, and lifts and tight­ens skin while pro­tect­ing valu­able stem cells from UV ra­di­a­tion and other stres­sors, to de­lay the age­ing process.

The lux­u­ri­ous an­ti­age­ing cream is en­riched with grape stem cells, sil­pearls, and tour­ma­line, and uses a nano-par­ti­cle technology to de­liver a unique com­bi­na­tion of pep­tides, silanols and pre­cious met­als into the deep­est lay­ers of the epi­der­mis to help one achieve a lu­mi­nous, youth­ful-look­ing com­plex­ion.

“Time Ar­rest rep­re­sents a quan­tum leap in the way we’re able to de­liver ac­tive anti-age­ing in­gre­di­ents into the skin,” said Dr Brandt in a press re­lease.

“The grape stem cell comes from a rare red-flesh grape that is tol­er­ant to strong UV ra­di­a­tion, due to its high con­tent of An­tho­cyanins. This pro­tects stem cells in the skin against UV ra­di­a­tion and other stress fac­tors, and pro­longs the vi­tal­ity of stem cells to de­lay the age­ing process,” said Stephane Colleu, Dr Brandt’s sales di­rec­tor for Europe, Asia, Mid­dle East, South Africa and Aus­tralia, who was in Kuala Lumpur re­cently for the launch of the prod­uct. (An­tho­cyanins are pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dants and free rad­i­cal scav­engers that act as a sun­screen by ab­sorb­ing UV ra­di­a­tion.)

Sil­pearls are ac­tu­ally silanol and pearl pow­der, in­spired by Chi­nese beauty rit­u­als to brighten skin tone. It com­prises 16 es­sen­tial amino acids, pro­teins, polysac­cha­rides and min­er­als which are sup­posed to in­crease cell metabolism and help main­tain hy­dra­tion by bind­ing wa­ter mol­e­cules into spheres, lock­ing mois­ture into the skin.

“It also im­proves col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, smoothes wrin­kles and in­creases the skin’s ra­di­ance and lu­mi­nos­ity. In the long term, it pro­vides much needed hy­dra­tion for ma­ture skin and pre­vents mois­ture loss,” added Colleu, who was in­stru­men­tal in lead­ing the com­pany into many in­ter­na­tional mar­kets, in­clud­ing the launch of Dr Brandt skin­care brand in France in 2005.

“Tour­ma­line, as you know, is a fine gem that’s of­ten seen on jew­ellery. Now, peo­ple have dis­cov­ered that it’s use­ful in skin­care as well as it con­tains en­er­gis­ing crys­tals that in­crease mi­cro­cir­cu­la­tion. It is good for im­prov­ing the skin’s vi­tal­ity and pro­mot­ing a healthy, glow­ing com­plex­ion.”

The creme also con­tains Plat­inum Hep­tapep­tide and Ma­maku essence, a spe­cialised pep­tide and fern ex­tract, claimed to im­prove the syn­the­sis of col­la­gen and cell di­vi­sion. This ul­ti­mately works to lift, firm and tighten the skin.

It is to be ap­plied on cleansed skin and can be used both morn­ing and night.

The new deLUXE creme com­ple­ments the rest of the Stephane Colleu with the new Dr Brandt Time Ar­rest Creme DeLUXE. range, which in­cludes the new time ar­rest crème, eye serum and face fluid. The creme is an ul­tra hy­drat­ing treat­ment that firms and re­struc­tures skin’s ar­chi­tec­ture, im­proves elas­tic­ity and helps pre­vent sag­ging; the eye serum is a con­cen­trated firm­ing serum for­mu­lated claimed to im­prove the struc­ture and den­sity of the del­i­cate eye tis­sue to pro­vide a more “lifted” ap­pear­ance; and the face fluid works to re­in­force the skin’s struc­ture and strengthen cap­il­lary sup­port, pro­vid­ing vol­ume and lift for a more youth­ful ap­pear­ance. Both the laser tight and neck cream for­mu­lae have been up­dated to in­clude the Age Re­vers­ing Plat­inum Technology.

Dr Brandt’s skin­care high­per­for­mance prod­ucts are touted to of­fer tar­geted treat­ments with­out the need for a pre­scrip­tion, com­bin­ing the der­ma­tol­o­gist’s sci­en­tific knowl­edge and clin­i­cal ex­per­tise with ac­tive botan­i­cals. n Prices range from RM250 to RM799. Avail­able at Ken’s Apothe­cary Em­pire Shop­ping Gallery Subang, Se­lan­gor, and Dr Brandt store in Bangsar Shop­ping Cen­tre, Kuala Lumpur.

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