Loop-y paper flow­ers

Craft eye-catch­ing flow­ers from the colour­ful pages of a mag­a­zine.

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THIS whim­si­cal flo­ral en­sem­ble is sure to draw at­ten­tion wher­ever you dis­play it. The blooms are stuck in­side an up­side down mini pot. The bloom­ing beau­ties are quick to craft and this is one project that gives you in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion!

Once again, we use the same steps as weav­ing paper bas­kets in mak­ing each flower. How­ever, the spokes are joined to­gether into loops as petals. If you don’t like the “hole-y” look, you can stick colour cel­lo­phane paper on one side of the petals.

Pot of paper flow­ers

From mag­a­zine pages, florist wires and yo­ghurt pot You need: A4 mag­a­zine pages Florist wires (No.20) Small plas­tic yo­ghurt pot (140g) Pen­cil and ruler Thick black marker pen Scis­sors Pierc­ing tool Ham­mer Pli­ers PVA glue Tooth­pick Mak­ing the paper flow­ers

1. Di­vide and cut a sheet of A4 mag­a­zine page across into half and then quar­ters, length­wise. Roll up each piece into a slen­der straw and glue the end to se­cure it. One end is wider than the other. Make plenty of paper straws.

2. Place three straws on the ta­ble and place an­other three hor­i­zon­tally over them to form a cross. (See that you place them al­ter­nat­ing the wide end of one paper straw with the ta­pered end of the next.)

Take the right straw from be­neath. This is called a “weaver”. Bend it over all the hor­i­zon­tal straws on the right.

3. Push the straw un­der all the next three straws. Then place it over the hor­i­zon­tal straws on the left. Push it un­der the two re­main­ing straws.

When the weaver gets too short, in­sert an­other straw into

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