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Skin­care sci­en­tists are now say­ing we can con­trol the way we age.

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Skin­care sci­en­tists are now say­ing we can con­trol the way we age.

YOU know how peo­ple say we’ll look like our par­ents by the time we get to be their age? Well, thanks to all the hard work that mod­ern sci­en­tists have put in, we don’t have to age like our par­ents. In fact, Estée Lauder goes as far as to say that you can “cor­rect your age” – or at least, that’s the name of its lat­est range, the new Re-Nutriv Ul­ti­mate Lift Age Cor­rect­ing Col­lec­tion.

Ac­cord­ing to Dr Dan Yarosh, se­nior vicepres­i­dent, re­search and devel­op­ment, Ba­sic Sci­ence Re­search, The Estée Lauder Com­pa­nies, new re­search in the field of epi­ge­net­ics (the study of in­her­ited changes in gene func­tion) is giv­ing the mes­sage that there are fac­tors which we can con­trol that will in­flu­ence how we can keep our skin look­ing and act­ing young.

As we age, so does our mi­to­chon­drial DNA – it ac­cu­mu­lates dam­age, which is un­for­tu­nately not well-re­paired. It is ex­tremely vul­ner­a­ble and sus­cep­ti­ble to dam­age from the free rad­i­cals mi­to­chon­dria pro­duce them­selves dur­ing the en­ergy pro­duc­tion process. As such, our mi­to­chon­dria re­quire pro­tec­tion and re­pair to keep func­tion­ing at its op­ti­mum level, said Dr Yarosh in a press state­ment.

In­spired by the field of epi­ge­net­ics, Estée Lauder Re­search has come up with the ex­clu­sive Life Re-New­ing Mol­e­cules, said to re­pair, recharge and re­store skin’s en­er­gised, ra­di­ant ap­pear­ance. The Re-Nutriv Ul­ti­mate Lift Age Cor­rect­ing Col­lec­tion has 38 pa­tents pend­ing world­wide.

Thanks to the al­gae Phormid­ium Per­sicinum con­tained within, skin is re­paired and given pro­tec­tive ben­e­fits to sup­port en­ergy and func­tion­ing. Skin is then recharged with the amino acid EGT, as it helps skin re­build its nat­u­ral re­serves of vi­tal­ity and pro­tec­tion. Restora­tion is made pos­si­ble with Lam­i­naria Dig­i­tata ex­tract, which helps boost SIRT-3, a “longevity gene” which plays a vi­tal role in skin cell’s mi­to­chon­drial func­tion.

Dr Na­dine Pern­odet, ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of Skin Bi­ol­ogy, re­search and devel­op­ment at The Estée Lauder Com­pa­nies said that skin loses its “me­chan­i­cal ten­sion” when it ages. This means cells lose their abil­ity to “stretch” and at­tach to col­la­gen, and un­for­tu­nately, they col­lapse. Cel­lu­lar Biome­chan­ics stud­ies the right amount of ten­sion, or me­chan­i­cal force, that needs to be ap­plied to cells for them to func­tion in a health­ier, younger way. The new lift­ing for­mu­las help skin cells nat­u­rally im­prove their “me­chan­i­cal ten­sion” through cel­lu­lar at­tach­ment and vi­tal cel­lu­lar en­ergy.

The Re-Nutriv Ul­ti­mate Lift Age Cor­rect­ing Creme is claimed to be an ul­tra-lux­u­ri­ous allin-one su­per creme as it re­pairs and mois­turises skin si­mul­ta­ne­ously as well as pro­vides a com­plete, holis­tic ap­proach to lift­ing at ev­ery level – cel­lu­lar, sur­face and man­ual.

Firstly, there’s lift­ing at the cel­lu­lar level as the creme works within the skin to help sup­port its nat­u­ral ac­ti­va­tion of cel­lu­lar at­tach­ment and con­nec­tiv­ity for a more lifted, toned and firmed look. This is achieved through a blend of en­ergy boost­ers, such as black tour­ma­line, a charged min­eral known for its en­er­getic prop­er­ties. This helps sup­port skin’s pro­duc­tion of new col­la­gen, re­sult­ing in skin that looks vis­i­bly firmer, with the vol­ume, cush­ion, full­ness and den­sity of its younger years.

Se­condly, there is a sur­face lift whereby the skin feels tighter, and looks more lifted and ra­di­ant. South Sea Pearls cre­ate an im­me­di­ate lus­trous ra­di­ance for a youth­ful ap­pear­ance, while rich hy­dra­tors such as hyaluronic acid and tre­halose, to cre­ate an im­me­di­ate plump­ness and sup­ple­ness.

Last but not least, Estée Lauder’s pro­pri­etary Ul­ti­mate En­ergy-Lift Mas­sage is a mas­sage tech­nique de­vel­oped to en­hance the ben­e­fits of the creme by work­ing to in­crease cir­cu­la­tion, stim­u­late fa­cial mus­cles and en­er­gise skin’s ap­pear­ance.

There’s also the Re-Nutriv Ul­ti­mate Lift Age Cor­rect­ing Serum which is said to give an in­stant tight­en­ing “lift” sen­sa­tion from an ul­tra-con­cen­trated dose of tight­en­ing sweet al­mond seed ex­tract and Ly­cium Bar­barum fruit ex­tract from China to tone skin’s sur­face. It of­fers from two to five times con­cen­trated lev­els of se­lect in­gre­di­ents found in the creme and the re­sult is a firmer, more lifted look over time.

Prices range from RM395 (Eye Creme) to RM930 (Creme Rich). Avail­able at Estée Lauder coun­ters.

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ul­ti­mate Lift Age Cor­rect­ing Col­lec­tion.

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