A fish-eye view

Big and small fishes to keep your eyes on.

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SYou need: A4 scrap paper White mount­ing board –15cm x 29.5cm ince it is the start of the long an­nual school break, i came up with this fun and easy project for school chil­dren, big and small, to try out. The scales of the big fish are made up of small fishes, each bear­ing its own in­di­vid­ual pat­terns. The small fishes are in fact the bowls of dis­pos­able plas­tic tea­spoons. Fill­ing them with bits of cot­ton helps in bet­ter ad­he­sion to the card­board. 12 white dis­pos­able tea­spoons Old cD White cot­ton Black colour paper – 7cm sq Pen­cil and ruler Black marker pen (Art­line70) Scis­sors and cut­ter Acrylic paints Brush UHU glue Short length of wire /mag­net strip Mak­ing the plaque

1. Fol­low the mea­sure­ments in the di­a­gram to draw the guide­lines and mark­ings on the A4 scrap paper. Then join the marks to draw the fish out­line.

2. Fold along the fold line. cut out the fish-shape tem­plate.

3. Place the paper tem­plate onto the mount­ing board and trace the fish with a pen­cil. cut it out.

4. Paint the fish with acrylic paints. Paint the head, fin and tail in a darker tone than the body. Al­low it to dry.

5. Use the black marker to draw lines for the fin and tail.

6. Draw a 7cm cir­cle within the cD with the marker. Make cuts around the cD from the edge to­wards the drawn cir­cle. cut out the small cir­cle with care.

7. cut the black colour paper into a cir­cle, 7cm wide. Glue the small cD cir­cle onto it. Then stick it to the head as the eye of the fish. cut out strips from the cD and glue them onto the fin and tail as em­bel­lish­ments. cut and glue a cD piece for the mouth of the fish.

8. Break off the han­dles of the dis­pos­able tea­spoons. Trim the bowls of the spoons to neaten the cut edges. Turn them over with the back up and use the black marker to draw a fish onto each of them. Make all the fishes face right, as the card­board fish is also fac­ing right.

9. Squeeze some UHU glue in­side the bowl of each spoon be­fore fill­ing a lit­tle cot­ton into it. Add a line of glue along the edge of the spoon.

10. Stick the spoon fishes onto the big fish. Glue the first row of five fishes first. Use the black marker to draw short fins tails for the fishes. Then glue the next row of four fishes. Draw their fins and tails. Fi­nally, glue in the last row of three fishes and draw their fins and tails.

* Pierce a set of holes at the fin and at­tach a short length of wire through them and make a small loop at the back for hang­ing. Or stick a strip of mag­net onto the back of the fish board for dis­play­ing on your fridge.

Smart plaque: A fish with vi­sion.

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