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turn junk into jew­ellery.

ONE day while con­vers­ing with the at­ten­dant at the phar­macy in the neigh­bour­hood, the pair of un­usual ear­rings she had on caught my at­ten­tion. Pills seemed to be dan­gling from her ear­lobes!

When asked where she got those fun ear­rings, she re­vealed that those were in­deed pill cap­sules and that she had emp­tied out the medicine in­side.

It goes to show that any­thing can be turned into ac­ces­sories to adorn your ears, hair and neck. In this age of “creative re­pur­pos­ing” of items, you won’t be la­belled sadly mad when you wear junk jew­ellery! The ques­tion is whether you have the guts to wear the items.

If you are spunky enough, wear this set of ear­rings and chain neck­lace from pa­per clips, soda cans tabs and pis­ta­chio nut shells. AND have fun ob­serv­ing and en­joy­ing the re­ac­tions of those around you.


From pa­per clips, soda can tabs, pis­ta­chio nut shells, jump rings and ear­ring hooks You need: 25 pa­per clips 10 soda can tabs 6 pis­ta­chio nut shells Jump rings – 5 big pieces (1cm); 6 small pieces (0.4cm) 1 pair sil­ver ear­ring hook Sil­ver paint – acrylic or plaka-lack Brush Pierc­ing tool Pli­ers Cock­tail stick or tooth­pick

Mak­ing the soda can tabs jew­ellery

1. Paint the pis­ta­chio nut shells on the in­side and out­side. Use the cock­tail stick to hold the shell in place while you paint.

2. Pierce hole through the shell on one end, turn­ing the pierc­ing tool to en­large the hole. At­tach a small jump ring, 0.4cm wide, through the hole. Do the same for all the shells.

3. Use the pli­ers to clip any jagged sharp edges of the holes in the tabs from soda cans.

Pierce a hole into the mid­dle of both ends of four soda can tabs. En­large the holes at the wider ends. Pair them up, with the backs fac­ing to­gether.

4. At­tach a big jump ring, 1cm wide, through the big­ger holes of a pair of tabs. Then at­tach an ear­ring hook into the jump ring. Close the ends of the ring to­gether with the pli­ers. Do the same for the other pair of tabs.

5. Link the pa­per clips to­gether into a chain.

6. Pair up the re­main­ing soda can tabs with their backs fac­ing to­gether. At­tach a big jump ring into each pair through the wider open­ings of the tabs.

7. At­tach the rings of the tabs to the pa­per clip chain on al­ter­nate clips. At­tach the small rings of the four pis­ta­chio nut shells to the pa­per clips in be­tween the tabs.

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