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In­spired by the botan­i­cal world, French brand Lan­come has come up with a serum that mim­ics plants’ abil­ity to self-heal.

FOR hundreds of years, peo­ple have re­lied on herbs and plants to cure dis­eases. The sap of the cac­tus-like won­der­plant aloe vera is touted to be one of the most ben­e­fi­cial reme­dies for burns and wounds, while neem leaves are said to con­tain as­trin­gent and anti-al­ler­gic prop­er­ties that ef­fec­tively tackle skin prob­lems such as acne, pso­ri­a­sis and eczema.

Apart from ther­a­peu­tic prop­er­ties, these plants are claimed to have the unique abil­ity to re­gen­er­ate tis­sue af­ter in­jury through a process called “de-dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion”, whereby the plants re­gain the abil­ity to de­velop into var­i­ous cell types re­quired for re­gen­er­a­tion.

Now, Lan­come has iden­ti­fied a mas­ter reg­u­la­tor based on the plants’ abil­ity to self-heal. It has in­tro­duced Vi­sion­naire (LR 2412 4%) Ad­vanced Skin Cor­rec­tor serum, based on a unique mol­e­cule in­spired by the botan­i­cal world’s abil­ity to re­pair it­self.

The sci­ence be­hind the skin­care, which Lan­come World­wide pres­i­dent Youcef Nabi dubs the “fu­ture of beauty”, is a re­sult of 12 years of re­search and tri­als. The fi­nal prod­uct is a sin­gle multi-func­tional mol­e­cule coded LR 2412, which fun­da­men­tally cor­rects skin’s im­per­fec­tions, tighten pores, evens out skin tone, hy­drates and re­duces ap­pear­ance of fine lines.

Lan­come train­ing man­ager Jose­lyn Lee ex­plains that Vi­sion­naire serum was in­spired by na­ture and cre­ated to mimic the heal­ing process of botan­i­cal plants.

“Dam­aged plants self-heal by pro­duc­ing sig­nal-mol­e­cules called jas­monic acid. This ac­ti­vates heal­ing of dam­aged tis­sues while mak­ing plants more re­sis­tant. For the past 12 years, Lan­come has been con­duct­ing re­search on jas­monic acid and dis­cov­er­ing ways to pen­e­trate the hu­man skin. Vi­sion­naire (LR 2412 4%) serum’s mol­e­cules be­have like sig­nal-mol­e­cules to set off a chain re­ac­tion in all skin lay­ers to re­pair, re­gen­er­ate and strengthen skin tis­sues,” said Lee dur­ing Vi­sion­naire’s launch in Kuala Lumpur re­cently.

LR 2412 sig­ni­fies the num­ber of at­tempts by Lan­come to cre­ate the spe­cific mol­e­cule able to pen­e­trate all skin lay­ers. Four per­cent is the per­cent­age of ac­tive ingredients in the serum. Apart from a serum, the range also of­fers cos­metic water and cream cleanser.

Lee added that Vi­sion­naire (LR 2412 4%) serum’s sell­ing point was its abil­ity to self-pro­pel or dif­fuse through all strata of skin, from the skin’s sur­face, epi­der­mis to the der­mis. The key to its per­me­at­ing abil­ity is its affin­ity for both aque­ous (water) and lipid (oil) struc­tures in skin. She ex­plained that the unique mol­e­cule has four times more po­tency than a retinol mol­e­cule, a com­mon in­gre­di­ent in many anti-age­ing skin­care prod­ucts.

“No mat­ter how gor­geous a wo­man may be, she will surely have skin con­cerns rang­ing from wrin­kles, acne and open pores. Vi­sion­naire (LR 2412 4%) was cre­ated to help im­pro­vise skin im­per­fec­tions. It is one of the most pow­er­ful skin cor­rec­tors in the mar­ket be­cause of the tech­nol­ogy in­volved,” Lee claimed.

The prod­uct has been tested on dif­fer­ent com­plex­ions of His­panic, Cau­casian, Asian and Afro-Amer­i­can women, whose skin con­di­tions were graded clin­i­cally by der­ma­tol­o­gists af­ter us­ing the prod­uct be­tween four and six weeks.

While re­sults dif­fer slightly amongst these women of dif­fer­ent eth­nic­ity, Asian skin showed en­cour­ag­ing re­sults es­pe­cially in changes in the ap­pear­ance of skin pores, scars and marks.

In a sep­a­rate consumer study per­formed af­ter four weeks us­ing the prod­uct on 68 women aged be­tween 35 and 49 years old who were con­sid­er­ing a cos­metic pro­ce­dure such as bo­tulinum toxin (botox) or hyaluronic acid in­jec­tion, peel­ing or laser treat­ment, re­sults were so con­vinc­ing that two out of three of these women de­cided to post­pone their cos­metic pro­ce­dure.

The prod­uct is safe to be used on all skin types, even sen­si­tive skin and around the eye con­tour, morn­ing and night. n Price: RM295. Avail­able at Lan­come coun­ters na­tion­wide.

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