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You need: A4 mount­ing board 2 pieces A4 black colour pa­per A3 red colour pa­per 14 dis­pos­able plas­tic Nes­tle yo­ghurt spoons 14 translu­cent egg car­ton cups 14 white beads (0.5cm wide) CD Round craft mir­ror (7.5cm di­am­e­ter) Red silk thread (25cm long and 0.2cm thick) Pen­cil and ruler Old ball­point pen (no ink) Com­pass Scis­sors and cut­ter Pierc­ing tool and pli­ers Sil­ver bead­ing wire PVA and UHU glue Mak­ing the mir­ror dé­cor

1. Mea­sure and trim the mount­ing board to 21cm square.

2. Mea­sure and trim the A3 red pa­per to 27cm square. Draw and score a 3cm bor­der in­side the pa­per. Spread glue evenly on one side of the mount­ing board and press it onto the square drawn on the red pa­per.

3. Fold the cor­ners of the red pa­per over into tri­an­gles and glue them to the board. Fold the sides of the pa­per over and glue them to the board.

4. Mea­sure and trim the two pieces of black pa­per into 20cm squares. Spread glue evenly over one piece and stick it onto the mount­ing board to cover it. This is the back of the board. Set aside.

5. Draw di­ag­o­nals on the other piece of black square pa­per. From the cen­tre of the square, use a com­pass to draw a cir­cle, 8cm in di­am­e­ter. Cut out the cir­cle.

6. Turn the pa­per over. Break off the han­dles at the hinges of all the dis­pos­able plas­tic yo­ghurt spoons. Place two spoons on op­po­site sides of the hole, with backs fac­ing up and short han­dles point­ing in­wards. Then ar­range and space out six other spoons in be­tween the two spoons on both sides of the hole.

7. Poke the pierc­ing tool through the two holes of each spoon and into the black pa­per. Re­move the spoons. Use a 50cm long bead­ing wire to at­tach each spoon to the pa­per by thread­ing through the holes to make a long “stitch”. Tug the wire to keep it taut as you at­tach the spoons. The dot­ted lines in the di­a­gram in­di­cate the wire at the back of the pa­per. Fin­ish stitch­ing by twist­ing the ends of the wire to­gether at the back to se­cure them. Cut off any ex­cess.

8. Trim the egg car­ton cups to a height of 2.5cm. Cut be­tween the 8 sec­tions of the cups trans­form dis­cards into a work of art. F you fail to see beauty in or­di­nary items like the colour­less dis­pos­able plas­tic spoons and egg car­ton cups, take a look at how they are used on black pa­per to form an ef­fec­tive de­sign around a small mir­ror. Dainty white beads en­hance the over­all ap­pear­ance, while the re­flec­tive leaves of a CD com­ple­ment the mir­ror. From plas­tic egg car­ton cups, dis­pos­able plas­tic yo­ghurt spoons, beads, craft mir­ror, silk thread, pa­per and mount­ing board to sep­a­rate them and cut them out. You need 14 pieces. Trim these pieces, shap­ing them into petals. Trim the edges of all the round bases to neaten them, too.

9. Place an egg car­ton cup pe­tal in be­tween the short han­dle of two spoons at the rim of the hole. Pierce two holes into the pe­tal and pa­per 0.5cm apart, about 0.3cm from the rim. Use a 32cm long wire to at­tach it to the pa­per with a stitch. Pull the wire taut and con­tinue to at­tach all the petals one by one in the same way. Fin­ish by twist­ing the ends of the wire to­gether at the back. Cut off any ex­cess.

10. Pierce a set of holes, 0.5cm apart into the pa­per in be­tween the spoon bowls, above the petals. Use a 50cm long wire to thread and at­tach a white bead to the pa­per be­tween the spoons. Pull the wire taut and con­tinue to at­tach all the beads in the same way.

11. Place a round base of the egg car­ton cup in be­tween the top of two spoon bowls. Pierce four holes in­side the cir­cle into the pa­per. Use a short length of wire to at­tach it with a cross-stitch to the pa­per. Twist the ends of the wire to­gether. At­tach all the egg car­ton cup bases in the same way.

12. Turn the pa­per over and spread glue evenly to the back. Paste it to the front of the wrapped mount­ing board, tak­ing care to align the sides to form a 0.5cm bor­der all round.

13. Cut strips from the CD. Trim 12 el­lip­ti­cal shapes from the strips. Ar­range and use UHU glue to stick them in threes at the cor­ners of the board.

14. Spread UHU glue evenly onto the cir­cle in the mid­dle. Press the mir­ror to the cen­tre. Then glue the silk thread in the space around it. Dis­play the mir­ror on a pic­ture stand.

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