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The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - INSIGHT - Co-or­di­nated by JANE F. RAGAVAN english@thes­tar.com.my By LU­CILLE DASS

Ee­nie mee­nie miney ... moe!

NO, it’s not about the Justin Beiber mu­sic video. I’m hark­ing back to when we used the above non­sen­si­cal but fun-sound­ing count­ing rhyme, in our var­i­ous tag games. Re­mem­ber? It ap­pears to be still in pop­u­lar use, even if not in chil­dren’s games.

All right, I’m sure you want to know what I’m on about.

It got me again – this fetish for par­tic­u­lar­ity, and so off I went on a mas­sive news­pa­per-word-hunt (age­ing eyes not­with­stand­ing!) for words with moe in them. All of one day’s work with the Sun­day Star, Oct 2 is­sue.

Phew! It sure took time to scour the Sun­day is­sue – what with all its at­ten­dant pull­outs – to fer­ret out the said words. In­sane? I nearly flipped out! But I had to feed my fetish; what can I say? Ex­cept that now I’d like to tag you.

Come, play this game. They are or­di­nary words used in wide-rang­ing con­texts (from news­pa­per sto­ries) but what makes them spe­cial for us MOE (Mind Our English) read­ers is that they all have moe in them!

All sen­tences have been lifted from the said is­sue of the pa­per. Sup­ply the cor­rect moe-em­bed­ded word that you think had been used in each case. Enough con­text is pro­vided to help you. Hey, I also pro­vide page head­ings for fur­ther clue, or, in case you’re crazy enough to go to your stack of su­rat khabar lama (old news­pa­pers) to sniff out the pre­cise words your­self.

Oh, all right, I’ll play a some­what gen­er­ous cikgu (teacher) and pro­vide (no, not an­swers!) a list of the words used (42 in num­ber; no peek­ing first, you hear?). Some are sim­ple while a few may prove chal­leng­ing for some peo­ple. Stu­dents, give it a try. Then check with your teach­ers, or with any­one pro­fi­cient in English.

Ee­nie, mee­nie, miney, moe … off you go! You’ve been tagged!

1. “If you tell your child she See if you can fill in the blanks with words that have in them. has to speak in her ___ tongue to re­mem­ber her grand­fa­ther’s past, she may not want to do so.” ( Fo­cus: Pe­nang’s link with ocean made waves)

2. “One can never be com­plete. If you are, then there’s no in­cen­tive to change or ___,” he con­cluded. ( Star2, Style)

3. It was a mag­nif­i­cent ___ when Guna lifted Ramli and spun him. (-do - Arts)

4. His film cred­its in­clude … and the up­com­ing … , a ___ hor­ror ___ ... (-do - Spot­light)

5. In fact ___ physics is built on the pil­lars of rel­a­tiv­ity and quan­tum me­chan­ics … . ( Dots, Sci­ence & Na­ture)

6. “It’s ___, no one can leave their lug­gage be­hind,” he said, sit­ting with his fam­ily in front of a tent they live in. (-do -)

7. Such a ___ would be, above all, a hu­man­i­tar­ian ges­ture … . ( Dots, Think)

8. He looked into the mir­ror and tweezed out the grey hairs from his ___. ( Star2, Heart & Soul)

9. I thought they were doc­tors … who would step in … to con­trol the amount of ___ and painkillers ad­min­is­tered. ( Dots, Asia File)

10. My loud-___ col­league con­stantly picks on peo­ple and would blurt out ... . ( Clove, Oc­to­ber, Lifestye)

11. Sharkar: “The _____ is build­ing up for the PM. ( Fo­cus)

12. “We also be­lieve there is lit­tle chance that the PBOC ( Peo­ple’s Bank of China) will tighten ___ pol­icy in the re­main­der of 2011.” ( Dots, Money)

13. “The real world makes me feel ___ … a com­puter mal­func­tion, a sob­bing child, a sud­denly dead cell phone bat­tery – the lit­tlest hitch in daily liv­ing feels pro­foundly ___. ( Clove, Life­style)

14. But at least that cou­turial cu­rios­ity was rad­i­cally some­thing. None of the men’s wear I saw dur­ing the Fash­ion Week was even ___ that. (-do -)

15. The com­mand for us to be kind and ___ at all times, the duty of a man … to be just and fair … are just a few of these. ( Fo­cus)

16. Mr Si­va­sub­ra­ma­niam said the topic was ___ and the school au­thor­i­ties should can­cel the com­po­si­tion test. ( Note: What com­po­si­tion test, you might ask. Get this: “Pupils told to write on teacher they hate most”! – Re­liv­ing 40 years: Feb 21, 1986)

17. ACP Henry said po­lice had clas­si­fied the case as at­tempted homi­cide and were in­ves­ti­gat­ing the man’s ___. (-do - Oct 4, 1985)

18. Two Aus­tralians lost their ap­peal in the Supreme Court here to­day against the death sen­tence ___ on them by the Pe­nang High Court … . (-do - Dec 19, 1985)

19. But what of the “___” who have bur­rowed into the higher ech­e­lons of the Govern­ment and have not been un­masked? (-do-Aug 5, 1981)

20. Ungku Aziz said ___ pa­pers would be given to all schools … to in­crease their gen­eral knowl­edge … and ex­press their thoughts in words. ( Ed­u­cate, - do - Jan 14, 1986)

21. Su­per­woman’s fic­tional ___ was, of course, Kate Reddy, in Al­li­son Pear­son’s I Don’t Know How She Does It, … . ( Clove, Life­style)

22. Gold lame, gold se­quins, gold ___ and gold baubles fig­ured promi­nently in styles … at a mo­ment of eco­nomic uncer­tainty. (-do - Style­file)

23. I hope we do not have to re­sort to boot camp to have our chil­dren come rush­ing back to us, ___ and filled with in­debt­ed­ness. ( Heart & Soul)

24. The United Na­tions Sec­re­tary Gen­eral … in … sum­mit to ___ the dis­cov­ery of … in the fight against AIDS. ( Health At Large)

25. The women in San­abis, … of the cap­i­tal Manama … say there can be no ___ with a govern­ment that looks down on them … . ( Pol­i­tics & So­ci­ety)

26. Asian ___ of wine are be­com- ing a force to be reck­oned with. ( Star2, Taste)

27. The hand-crafted prod­ucts are avail­able in ex­otic skins and exclusive colours, and can be per­son­alised with hand-___ mono­grams. (-do - Peo­ple)

28. Lux­ury brand Mul­berry has brought nos­tal­gic sea­side hol­i­day ___ to Lon­don Fash­ion Week. (-do - Trends)

29. Af­ter all, I too was once a teenager with rag­ing ___ and du­bi­ous tastes in lit­er­a­ture … . (-do - Reads)

30. Other stand­outs in­clude … which gives … a run for its ___ in terms of its sin­ga­long catch­i­ness … . ( - do - Mu­sic)

31. In his speech … Wen pledged to ad­dress China’s big­gest so­cial is­sues, in­clud­ing ris­ing in­fla­tion, ..., ___, … and so­cial jus­tice. ( World)

32. This ex­ten­sion of his sig­na­ture cal­li­graphic se­ries takes a new or­ganic stance … to con­vey a rich­ness of ___ that in turn … evo­lu­tion of faith. ( Star2, Art)

33. They are at once heavy yet light de­spite their ___ scale. (-do -)

34. The Skoda Su­perb hides a strong per­for­mance un­der its ___ ex­te­rior. (-do - Wheels)

35. “They should be given bet­ter in­cre­ments or fewer teach­ers will be ___ to be­come se­nior as­sis­tants,” he says. ( Ed­u­cate, News)

36. The lin­guis­tic mi­nor­ity has the same right as well as other ___, in­clud­ing … in a national-type school. (-do - Opinion)

37. Know­ing how dif­fer­ent sounds are made can help teach­ers ef­fec­tively ___ and ex­plain pro­nun­ci­a­tion. (-do - Ex­plor­ing English)

38. “We have or­gan­ised a ___ with Mat Mo­tor as well as di­a­logues and dis­cus­sions on is­sues that con­cern the young … . ( Fo­cus)

39. When not prop­erly tem­pered, co­coa but­ter can crys­talise, caus­ing the sur­face of the choco­late to ap­pear ___ and matte. ( Star2, Taste)

40. I am ___ than words. (Ad­ver­tise­ment) Words used mo­men­tum, im­pos­si­ble, pro­mot­ers, mone­tary, moles, com­pro­mise, demon­strate, im­proper, im­po­tent, mo­tive, em­bod­i­ment, re­morse­ful, un­em­ploy­ment, jam­boree, mot­tled, mo­ment, mous­tache, com­pas­sion­ate, em­bossed, im­posed, move­ment, mi­nori­ties, mon­ster, move, mor­phine hor­mones, modern, com­mem­o­rate, mon­u­men­tal, money, mo­ti­vated, im­prove, em­broi­dery, mem­o­ries, re­motely, mother, mouthed, modest, movie, model, dis­em­pow­er­ing, more

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