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MY round tray of seven tea light hold­ers (a pre­vi­ous project shared on this page) is put to good use when­ever a storm trips the main switch of our house. We al­ways wait for the storm to sub­side be­fore flip­ping the switch on.

One stormy evening while en­ter­tain­ing guests with four kids in the group, the lights went out. Out came my tray, to the de­light of the young ones who found it en­ter­tain­ing to light up the tea lights as they rev­elled in the semi-dark­ness. Ac­tu­ally, they had a ball singe­ing var­i­ous ma­te­ri­als to test what was more com­bustible! Yes, their hair in­cluded.

For this de­sign, you need the bot­toms of nine soda cans. I’ve tied them to the board with wires in­stead of just glu­ing them in place.

Tray for tea lights

From soda cans, CDs, plas­tic bot­tle caps, se­quins and mount­ing board

Here’s a spark of ge­nius to light up your dark­est hour. You need: A3 mount­ing board 9 as­sorted alu­minium soda cans 4 CDs 4 plas­tic bot­tle caps 9 tea lights Small se­quins Thin wire Satin rib­bon – 1m long and 0.3cm wide Pen­cil and ruler Scis­sors and cut­ter Pierc­ing tool Acrylic paints Sponge UHU glue Tooth­pick Mak­ing the tray

1. Mea­sure and cut the mount­ing board to a square mea­sur­ing 27cm. Ap­ply acrylic paint with a small sponge to add tex­ture to both sides of the board. Paint the board in a few dif­fer­ent colours. Al­low to dry.

2. Mea­sure and draw a 20cm sq box within the board, leav­ing a 3.5cm bor­der all round. Mea­sure and mark the mid­dle point on all sides of the square.

3. Cut out the bases of the alu­minium soda cans. Trim them to a height of 4cm.

Place a soda can base on the board within the square, with the out­side fac­ing up. Pierce two sets of holes in the mid­dle of the can right through the board. En­large the holes.

Cut a length of wire, about 10cm long, and tie the soda can base to the board with a “cross stitch”. Twist the ends of the wire at the back of the board to se­cure them tightly to­gether. Trim off the ex­cess. Press flat against the board. At­tach all the can bases one by one in the same way.

4. Place a CD with its back fac­ing up. Mea­sure and draw a line 3cm from the edge on the left and right sides of the CD. Cut the CD into three parts. Keep the mid­dle sec­tion for fu­ture projects.

Do the same for all the CDs. Glue two CD strips to each side of the square on the board.

5. Cut out strips about 1.5cm wide from the CD. Then cut out four cir­cles and glue them in the ar­eas ad­ja­cent to the soda can base in the cen­tre.

6. Ap­ply a thin line of glue onto the straight edges of the CDs on one side of the square. Cut the satin rib­bon to the same length, slightly more than 20cm, and press it onto the edge. Do the same for all the sides of the square.

7. Cut out small cir­cles of vary­ing sizes and colours from the soda cans. Glue them around the board.

8. Ap­ply a thin line of glue around the sides of the CD pieces to stick the se­quins in place. Use a tooth­pick to push them in po­si­tion. Glue a se­quin to the four cor­ners of the rib­bon, too.

9. Turn the board over care­fully. Ap­ply glue to the top of the plas­tic bot­tle caps and ad­here them to the back of the board as stands. Al­low the glue to set.

10. Turn the board over and place the tea lights into the hol­low of the soda can bases.

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