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bal­loons liven up a party and bring de­light to our young read­ers.

ABALLOON is an in­flat­able flex­i­ble bag filled with gas such as he­lium, hy­dro­gen, ni­trous ox­ide, oxy­gen or air. Nowa­days, bal­loons can be made from ma­te­ri­als like rub­ber, la­tex, poly­chloro­prene or ny­lon fab­ric.

Bal­loon artists or some­times, clowns, twist and tie in­flated tubu­lar bal­loons into sculp­tures for give­aways at par­ties and events. Other than for dec­o­ra­tive pur­poses, bal­loons are also used for pub­lic­ity pur­poses at ma­jor events. Large bal­loons filled with hot air or buoy­ant gas (hy­dro­gen or he­lium) have been used as fly­ing ma­chines since the 18th cen­tury.

Let’s read what Starchild read­ers have to share on the topic, Bal­loons:

Ai­diel Dan­ish Zulk­fli, 11, wants many colour­ful bal­loons for his dream birth­day bash. He wants to cel­e­brate the happy oc­ca­sion with his favourite car­toon char­ac­ter, Sponge­Bob, and his friends.

Colour­ful bal­loons are used for dec­o­ra­tion on happy oc­ca­sions like birth­day par­ties and open­ing cer­e­monies. On spe­cial oc­ca­sions, chil­dren some­times get free bal­loons at shop­ping com­plexes, writes Lau­ryn Tan Zi Yi, six. “ There’s an­other type of bal­loons – hot air bal­loons. These big and colour­ful bal­loons can bring you high up in the air. You can see the beau­ti­ful ris­ing sun and the city be­low. The rivers and houses ap­pear so small from the air.”

Hot air bal­loons are amaz­ing, says Ri­cardo Valentino Meyer, 12. “My cousin and I had a ride in a hot air bal­loon. It was sooo cool!”

Ni­cholas Hew Cheng Zhi, 10, says: “Hot air bal­loons come in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. I hope to ride in a hot air bal­loon some­day.”

Thanes Varma Deven­tran, seven, loves bal­loons very much. “My par­ents al­ways buy me bal­loons. When I grow up and have a job, I will buy my mother a bal­loon bou­quet for her birth­day!”

Rhea Aneera Kaur, six, wants to make a bal­loon bou­quet and give it to her sis­ter on her birth­day. “The bal­loons will have faces of each mem­ber of the fam­ily and they will be beau­ti­ful and colour­ful.”

Ivan Hew Cheng Xi , nine, writes: “I want to give away bal­loons for free to chil­dren. I hope they will like them and be happy.”

Ni­cole Khoo Wei Shan, nine, likes to play with bal­loons. “My friends and I some­times hit the bal­loons to make them pop! For my birth­day, I want to get a bal­loon cake! My dog Lucky will have a bal­loon, too!”

Up, up and away. That’s what Cheah Eileen, six, imag­ines of her dream house that will be car­ried up in the air by a bunch of colour­ful bal­loons.

“My fam­ily loves bal­loons and with this dream house, we can travel to many places and yet never miss our home!” writes Eileen who hopes to be a bal­loon de­signer when she grows up. “I can de­sign many types of bal­loons for chil­dren to make them happy!”

Me­gan Hew Wei Xin, six, writes: “I love to blow bal­loons. I want to join a bal­loon blow­ing com­pe­ti­tion some day. I hope to blow the big­gest bal­loon and win first prize in the com­pe­ti­tion!”

Shan­non Mak Kar Yan, six, says: “I wish to have a bal­loon party. I would have spe­cial bal­loons that can fly my sis­ter Zoe and I, and my best friend Natalie high up in the sky. The bal­loons will be in very spe­cial shapes and colours.”

She adds: “In the sky, we can play with birds and but­ter­flies and ex­plore the clouds. Zoe loves to eat ap­ples and we can fly to the ap­ple tree to pluck ap­ples. We will have so much fun!”

“My friends and I like to go to the park be­cause there is a clown who gives out bal­loons. My favourite bal­loon is red in colour,” writes Clarisse Ching Xuen Yen, five.

Low Qian Ru, eight, wants to go to the KLCC park on a sunny day and play with her bal­loons.

Sam Shien Hao, six, says his cousin sis­ter Amanda loves bal­loons. “I would like to share my bal­loons with her. She will be very happy.”

“I like bal­loons with car­toon char­ac­ters. If I have a party, I will give all my friends these spe­cial bal­loons with car­toon char­ac­ters,” writes Bhu­ven­raj Ganesh, five.

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