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that comes as a two-parter.

One tale takes place in a class­room with a bunch of rowdy and way­ward stu­dents, while the other tells of a group of quirky friends on a va­ca­tion.

In the school-bound story, Jen­nifer Tse plays a fresh­ly­grad­u­ated teacher with a bro­ken heart, Pakho Chau plays her un­re­lent­ing ex-boyfriend, and Paw Hee Jing and Le­ung Kar Yan play her par­ents, while Kristal Tin plays the school prin­ci­pal. The stu­dents are por­trayed by young­sters like Carol Ye­ung, Betrys Kong, Vi­vian Law, Tong Fei and Le­ung Chun Lung.

The teacher catches the stu­dents of class 4E in­volved in pros­ti­tu­tion and de­cides to stop them by reporting the mat­ter to the school prin­ci­pal but is shocked to dis­cover that the class does not even ex­ist.

In a recorded in­ter­view, Tse shared: “My char­ac­ter in the movie is a girl in her 20s who has just re­turned af­ter fur­ther­ing her stud­ies in Eng­land. She’s been dat­ing a guy for seven years but he has a habit of hit­ting her. So, she hopes to start afresh as a sub­sti­tute teacher in a new school where the stu­dents are quite naughty.

“She gets par­tic­u­larly close to one stu­dent, be­cause she feels the girl is like her. She is bul­lied con­stantly and seems un­able to stand up for her­self. But, as the movie pro­gresses, we dis­cover that things are not what they seem.”

Play­ing the boyfriend with a vi­o­lent streak, Pakho of­fered: “My char­ac­ter is in this on-off re­la­tion­ship with a girl, whom he some­times hurts so badly that she ends up in hos­pi­tal. I later find out that she is caught up in some su­per­nat­u­ral phe­nom­ena and I try to help but she is not in­ter­ested in my con­cern.”

In the trav­ellers’ tale, Chrissie Chau plays a mys­te­ri­ous wo­man on the run, while Him Law plays a ruth­less and dan­ger­ous lover. The weird bunch of trav­ellers are por­trayed by Timmy Hung, Jacqueline Chong, Char­maine Fong, Rose Chan and Har­riet Ye­ung.

The story un­folds with the trav­ellers seated at a ta­ble en­joy­ing a hearty hot­pot meal while spilling the beans on each other, un­aware of what fate has in store for them.

As a wo­man hounded by her beau, Chrissie ex­pressed how dif­fer­ent it felt work­ing with the di­rec­tor and Law again. “Although, I play lovers with Him again, the re­la­tion­ship is no longer the same. His char­ac­ter likes play­ing mind games and keeps ev­ery­one guess­ing all the time, so it feels more like a cops-and-rob­bers flick.

“Some­times, I feel like giv­ing him a punch or a kick. Hav­ing known Him for so long, it’s the first time I’ve seen this side of him. I never re­alised that Him was ca­pa­ble of flesh­ing out such a mean char­ac­ter. I feel the di­rec­tor is amaz­ing for be­ing able to bring out the best in ev­ery ac­tor,” added Chrissie, who was full of praises for both the di­rec­tor and her co-star.

Play­ing the an­tag­o­nist, Law shared: “I’ve filmed many movies with Chrissie, so we’ve got such syn­ergy go­ing for us that there’s noth­ing to be awk­ward or em­bar­rassed about. In this movie, our re­la­tion­ship is less pas­sion­ate but more com­pli­cated.

“On por­tray­ing the vil­lain, I feel that ev­ery­body has a self­ish or neg­a­tive side. So, you just have to mag­nify this un­favourable trait and con­vince your­self that you’re a bad­die and have bad in­ten­tions in ev­ery ac­tion you un­der­take. Once you are able to achieve that, then your ev­ery ges­ture and ex­pres­sion gives off that con­vinc­ingly neg­a­tive vibe,” ex­plained Law, who says play­ing a bad­die has given him more sat­is­fac­tion than act­ing as a good guy.

With a young cast pro­vid­ing lots of eye candy, the trailer seems promis­ing as the movie looks to be gen­er­ously pop­u­lated with scary ghosts and scream­ing vic­tims. –Seto KitYan n HongKong­Ghost­Sto­ries opens in lo­cal cine­mas on Thurs­day.

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