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THE word “clas­sic” is de­fined by The Free Dic­tio­nary as “hav­ing last­ing sig­nif­i­cance or worth; en­dur­ing”. Go­ing by that def­i­ni­tion, beauty brand Clin­ique has cer­tainly earned the right to be called a clas­sic when it comes to car­ing for your skin.

Born in 1968 with the in­tro­duc­tion of the now-fa­mous 3-Step Skin care Sys­tem, a daily cleans­ing, ex­fo­li­at­ing and moisturising reg­i­men, Clin­ique has the dis­tinc­tion of be­ing based on the ideas of a der­ma­tol­o­gist, Dr Nor­man Oren­tre­ich.

In fact, so suc­cess­ful were Dr Oren­tre­ich’s ideas that the orig­i­nal for­mu­la­tions of the 3-Step-sys­tem re­main at the heart of Clin­ique’s ap­proach to beau­ti­ful and healthy skin even to­day.

Stem­ming from their 40-year-his­tory of deal­ing in skin­care, skin dull­ness and ra­di­ance is one of the ma­jor ar­eas that Clin­ique works to ad­dress. With Turn­around Con­cen­trate Ex­tra Ra­di­ance Re­newer, the lat­est up­date on an al­ready iconic prod­uct, the brand hopes to re­solve this con­cern by cap­i­tal­is­ing on its ex­ten­sive re­search into ex­fo­li­a­tion.

Up­graded with an ad­vanced for­mula that de­liv­ers more ef­fec­tive and vis­i­ble re­sults more quickly, the serum is touted to leave skin more lu­mi­nous and ra­di­ant by re­duc­ing sur­face im­per­fec­tions, smoothen­ing skin, and cor­rect­ing signs of past sun dam­age, while be­ing gen­tle on the skin and re­tain­ing the Turn­around Con­cen­trate’s sig­na­ture soft, vel­vety tex­ture.

New York-based Debbie D’aquino, vi­cepres­i­dent of Clin­ique prod­uct de­vel­op­ment for treat­ment world­wide, shares in a press state­ment that dull­ness of skin is a top skin­care con­cern across the globe – skin ra­di­ance is a top three con­cern in China and South Korea, and a top four in Ja­pan – and as such, ex­fo­li­a­tion tech­nol­ogy has con­sis­tently been one of Clin­ique’s pri­or­i­ties.

“We have a 40-year his­tory in iso­lat­ing the best ingredients to ad­dress skin dull­ness and lack of ra­di­ance. Since its in­cep­tion, Clin­ique has been an ad­vo­cate of daily ex­fo­li­a­tion. In­no­va­tion in ex­fo­li­a­tion is an im­por­tant fo­cus in the der­ma­to­log­i­cal com­mu­nity be­cause ex­fo­li­a­tion and cell re­newal keeps skin healthy. Since our roots are based on der­ma­tol­ogy, we will al­ways sup­port the di­rec­tion der­ma­tol­o­gists take to keep skin in good con­di­tion,” she ex­plains.

Ex­fo­li­a­tion be­comes even more es­sen­tial as one ages, D’aquino adds, since the skin’s nat­u­ral re­newal process that re­sults in ex­fo­li­a­tion be­comes com­pro­mised. “So it’s even more im­por­tant to nor­malise this nat­u­ral process by us­ing an ap­pro­pri­ate ex­fo­li­a­tion treat­ment as part of your daily and weekly skin­care rou­tine.”

De­vel­oped exclusively for Asian skin, Turn­around Con­cen­trate Ex­tra Ra­di­ance Re­newer works by in­te­grat­ing three cru­cial stages in skin cell re­newal: cell divi­sion, where a new layer of skin is made ev­ery 24 hours; mat­u­ra­tion, whereby skin cells be­come more spe­cialised so as to main­tain healthy, ra­di­ant skin; and, desqua­ma­tion, where the top layer of dead skin cells are shed, al­low­ing for new, healthy cells to ap­pear.

Typ­i­cally, vari­ables such as en­vi­ron­men­tal fac­tors (such as pol­lu­tion and UV rays), life­style choices (such as smok­ing) and chrono­log­i­cal age­ing can in­ter­fere with these pro­cesses and the ben­e­fits they bring Given the lat­est up­date on an al­ready iconic prod­uct, clin­ique hopes to cap­i­talise on its ex­ten­sive re­search into ex­fo­li­a­tion. to our skin, which causes skin to ap­pear dull, un­even and coarse.

The serum bal­ances out the dam­age by pro­vid­ing the skin key ingredients that main­tain each of the stages of skin cell re­newal.

For in­stance, en­ergy en­hancers such as sac­cha­romyces lysate ex­tract en­cour­age nat­u­ral cell divi­sion by pro­vid­ing cells with the en­ergy they need for the process. To reg­u­late cell mat­u­ra­tion and strengthen the epi­der­mal layer, pad­ina pavon­ica, a Mediter­ranean brown al­gae also called pea­cock’s tail, is a new ad­di­tion to the for­mula.

Mean­while, clary sage ex­tract fer­ment aids in reg­u­lat­ing the cell spe­cial­i­sa­tion process.

At the desqua­ma­tion stage, an­other new ad­di­tion, lac­to­bionic acid, helps nor­malise ex­fo­li­a­tion with­out ir­ri­ta­tion, and the gen­tle hy­droxyl acid fur­ther binds water to the skin for a softer feel. Ch­est­nut ex­tract fur­ther en­cour­ages cell re­newal by loos­en­ing dead sur­face skin cells with­out stress­ing the skin.

D’aquino points out that the new Turn­around Con­cen­trate Ex­tra Ra­di­ance Re­newer re­tains the unique sal­i­cylic acid de­liv­ery sys­tem of the ex­ist­ing for­mula, which al­lows for en­hanced desqua­ma­tion.

“The de­liv­ery sys­tem is two-pronged. First, it em­ploys tar­geted and fast re­lease, where the sal­i­cylic acid, in a li­po­some de­liver sys­tem, is at­tracted to dry patches in the skin so that ex­fo­li­a­tion hap­pens where it’s need most. Se­condly, it has a slow and steady re­lease, where the acid, en­cap­su­lated in a tiny mi­cro­sphere, al­lows for ex­tended and con­trolled re­lease,” she ex­plains.

To­gether, this is said to re­sult in a softer, smoother and more ra­di­ant com­plex­ion with­out ir­ri­tat­ing the skin, as sal­i­cylic acid has been proven for decades by der­ma­tol­o­gists to be very gen­tle, she adds.

With these sys­tems, the new prod­uct is claimed to de­liver re­sults twice as fast as pre­vi­ous Turn­around Con­cen­trate for­mu­las, show­ing dra­matic im­prove­ments in skin tone and smooth­ness in four weeks in­stead of eight, and im­proved skin clar­ity of 74%.

Ad­di­tion­ally, Turn­around Con­cen­trate Ex­tra Ra­di­ance Re­newer con­tains a tar­geted cock­tail of mois­ture-boost­ing, an­tiox­i­dant ingredients that en­sure your skin com­fort­able, main­tains its sur­face bar­rier and is pro­tected from free rad­i­cal-dam­age. These in­clude the dam­age-fight­ing Ja­panese knotweed root ex­tract fer­ment and vi­ta­min E ac­etate, as well as sodium hyaluronate, which is said to be ca­pa­ble of hold­ing up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

A rice de­fense com­plex of rice bran ex­tract fur­ther works to keep skin tone more even while pro­vid­ing vis­i­ble im­prove­ments to sun-dam­aged skin.

D’aquino says it is rec­om­mended to layer the serum onto the skin about twice daily af­ter the ap­pro­pri­ate clar­i­fy­ing lo­tion, fol­lowed by a mois­turiser or SPF prod­uct. n Price: RM200 (30ml) and RM280 (50ml). Turn­around Con­cen­trate Ex­tra Ra­di­ance Re­newer is avail­able at Clin­ique coun­ters na­tion­wide.

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