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Hang loose with this owl.

AR­RANGE the bowls of plas­tic soup spoons, yo­ghurt pot bases and a hand­ful of pieces cut from egg car­tons to form this lit­tle owl. It will hold your keys, re­mote con­trol or a few ban­gles and neck­laces, too. It can be your kitchen com­pan­ion, for keep­ing rub­ber bands or raf­fia string loops in place.

Key holder

From mount­ing board, dis­pos­able plas­tic soup spoons, translu­cent plas­tic egg car­ton cups, plas­tic yo­ghurt pot and milk tin foil You need: Half of an A4 mount­ing board 4 dis­pos­able plas­tic soup spoons 4 plas­tic egg car­ton cups 2 yo­ghurt pots Milk tin foil Stiff wires Pen­cil and ruler Thick mark­ers – black, blue and yel­low Scis­sors and cut­ter Pierc­ing tool Pli­ers Acrylic paints – brown, yel­low and green Brushes UHU glue Mak­ing the key holder

1. Cut off the han­dles of all the dis­pos­able soup spoons and trim the sides to ta­per grad­u­ally at the top.

2. Use the black marker to draw feather pat­terns on the back of two spoon bowls. Use the blue marker to draw an­other line fol­low­ing the black out­line. Colour the in­sides of pat­tern with yel­low marker. These are the wings of the owl.

3. Out­line the flat base at the back of the other two spoon bowls with black marker. Fol­low the di­a­gram to draw an “eye” pat­tern in the mid­dle. Add yel­low to the pat­tern. These are the “eye­brows” of the owl.

4. Turn the spoon bowls over. Put some glue around the sides near the rim of the spoons and press some cotton onto them.

5. Cut off the base of the two yo­ghurt pots. Trim to within 0.5cm of the raised cir­cles in the mid­dle. Draw a black cir­cle on the raised cir­cles as pupils for the eyes of the owl.

Draw short lines on the bor­der, al­ter­nat­ing be­tween black and yel­low mark­ers.

6. From the milk tin foil, cut out a di­a­mond shape, about 2cm long for the beak. Cut two pieces of 1.5cm squares. Fol­low the di­a­gram to trim them into toes for the owl.

7. Cut out the sides of the egg car­ton cups. Cut out about 20 pieces. Trim each piece to 2.5cm and round the edges on the top end.

Use the black marker to out­line the edges of the pieces. Draw an­other line fol­low­ing the out­line on the in­side, with blue marker. These are the feath­ers of the owl.

8. On the half A4 mount­ing board, draw a line, 5cm from the bot­tom edge, for the log.

Fol­low the di­a­gram to draw the out­line of an owl, us­ing a spoon bowl as a tem­plate for the “eye­brows” and wings, and a yo­ghurt pot base for the eyes. Then draw the curve at the bot­tom of the wings for the body.

9. Draw a curve above the eye­brows. Cut out the owl. Out­line the shape and the parts with black marker.

Paint the log brown, dry-brush­ing to give it a streaky tex­ture.

10. Pierce a hole at the top in be­tween the eye­brows. Pass a short length of wire through it and twist the ends to­gether at the back to form a small loop for hang­ing. Colour that small area with black marker and do the same for the bit of head above the eyes, or add small dots in­stead.

11. Spread glue onto the cotton and rim of the spoons. Po­si­tion and glue them onto the board for the eye­brows and wings. Next, glue the yo­ghurt bases into place for the eyes.

12. Glue the tin foil beak and feet in place.

13. For the body, work from the bot­tom up. Ar­range and glue a row of egg car­ton feath­ers on to the bot­tom of the body of the owl. Place and glue an­other row of feath­ers above the first row, over­lap­ping them a lit­tle. Glue an­other two rows of feath­ers to com­plete the body. You may have to trim the edges of the last row of feath­ers to ad­just them to fit be­low the eyes. into “S-shapes” to hook them into the holes. Close up the ends of the wires at the back of the log. Hang your keys on the hooks.

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