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LPlaque From soda cans and mount­ing board You need: 2 Coca-cola soda cans 12 soda can bases 20 soda can tabs A3 pa­per Mount­ing board – 31sqcm Red satin rib­bon – 40cm Thin wire Pen­cil and ruler Old ball­point pen – no ink Scis­sors and cut­ter Pierc­ing tool Pli­ers Wear your heart on your sleeve. ET your love shine! Spring a sur­prise for your beloved by pre­sent­ing a hand­made heart of shiny hearts as a sym­bol of your af­fec­tion. It shows that you think he/she is worth all the time you sac­ri­ficed in pro­duc­ing your labour of love.

The soda cans bases, with their sunken cen­tres, serve as an in­ter­est­ing el­e­ment of this heart plaque. They are linked up in parts be­fore be­ing joined to­gether as a whole, which is then at­tached to the board as the hearts are em­bed­ded within the cir­cles. UHU glue Sponge Acrylic paints – blue and red

Mak­ing the plaque

1. Fol­low the mea­sure­ments in the di­a­gram to cut away the shaded area of the A3 pa­per. Fold the pa­per in half, length­wise. Fol­low the mea­sure­ments to draw the heart shape and cut away the shaded ar­eas.

2. Place the pa­per tem­plate onto the mount­ing board, trace the out­line and cut it out.

3. Di­lute the blue acrylic paint with a lit­tle water and use the sponge to ap­ply it all over the board, in­clud­ing the sides. Mix the red paint with a lit­tle water and sponge it all over the blue layer. Leave the board to dry.

4. Cut out the top and base of the Coca-cola soda cans. Open up the can into a long strip. Draw a heart shape on a piece of 4cm sq scrap pa­per. Use that as a tem­plate to draw and cut out 20 hearts from the soda can.

5. Cut out 12 bases from soda cans. Trim the sides to re­duce it to 0.4cm. Pierce a set of holes, 0.5cm apart on the sides of four bases. Link one cir­cle to an­other with a short length of wire passed through the holes on the sides. Join four pieces to­gether in a row as shown.

6. Fol­low the di­a­gram to join up the soda can bases with wires at­tached to the pierced holes on the sides, into one sin­gu­lar piece.

7. Turn the piece of soda cans over, with the out­side fac­ing up. Place it onto the painted board.

8. Place a soda can heart into the sunken soda can cir­cle at the cen­ter. Pierce a set of holes (ver­ti­cal) into the heart, right through the soda can cir­cle and board. Bend a short length of wire and pass the ends into the holes and twist them to­gether at the back of the board to fas­ten the heart and cir­cles to the board. Next, fas­ten soda can hearts to the top two and bot­tom cir­cles. Then at­tach the rest of the cir­cles with soda can hearts.

9. Pierce a set of holes in the mid­dle of the top of the board. Pass the ends of the red satin rib­bon into them from front to back. Thread the two sides of the rib­bon in and out of the holes of five soda can tabs (three tabs are placed with two tabs with their backs to­gether) to link them up. Tie a knot at the top tab. Tie an­other knot at the ends of the rib­bon to form a loop for hang­ing.

10. Cut the rest of the eight soda can hearts into half. Pair up the print sides and the sil­ver sides to­gether into two-colour hearts. Glue four hearts onto each side of the board.

11. Ar­range soda can tabs around the heart board, in be­tween the hearts. Bend a short length of wire over the mid­dle sep­a­rat­ing the two holes of a tab.

Pierce a set of holes onto the board for at­tach­ing the ends of the wire through them. Twist the ends of the wire at the back to se­cure the tabs.

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