Com­plete the proverbs

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2. (c) oth­er­wise. Some peo­ple are wise, and oth­ers are not.

3. (b) be­gin­ning. If you start a thing badly, you will never achieve a good re­sult.

4. (a) Rome. The same re­sult can be achieved by dif­fer­ent meth­ods.

5. (c) stone. Be­fore con­demn­ing a wrong­doer, ask your­self if your own con­duct has been ir­re­proach­able.

6. (a) worm. How­ever meek a per­son is, he will re­tal­i­ate if driven too far.

7. (b) heavy. If you have no money trou­bles, you will feel cheer­ful and se­cure.

8. (c) run. Don’t try to do too much when you are learn­ing some­thing new. Do it step by step.

9. (a) Walls. Pay at­ten­tion to what you say and where you say it.

10. (c) dunghill. Moral peo­ple are not cor­rupted by their sur­round­ings.

11. (b) straight. You can’t change a per­son’s char­ac­ter.

12. (c) fish. Don’t be­lit­tle your own ef­forts.

13. (b) Busiest. Hard-work­ing peo­ple get their work done ef­fi­ciently and there­fore have more time to do some­thing more.

14. (a) beaten. In­stead of tak­ing risks, you should gain from the ex­pe­ri­ence of oth­ers.

15. (c) an omelette. If you want to achieve some­thing im­por­tant, you of­ten have to make sac­ri­fices.

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