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LPen holder From foam food trays, plas­tic soda bot­tle mouths and old mag­a­zines You need: 3 foam food trays (19cm x 12cm) – white (2 pieces); black (1 piece) 7 plas­tic soda bot­tle mouths 2 A4 mag­a­zine pages Coins – 20 sen and 50 sen Pen­cil Keep your writ­ing tools in or­der. IKE a butcher who chops and sells all parts of the an­i­mal, I too cut up and save all parts of an item. I know that a day will come when my imag­i­na­tion would have taken its course and bingo, I hit upon an idea which can be de­vel­oped.

In­ci­den­tally, this an­swers the most fre­quently asked ques­tion I get asked: “How do you get your ideas?” First I imag­ine, I think and then I do! Hands can­not do what the mind has not con­ceived, yes?

I can also at­tribute it to my in­ter­est and ex­po­sure to a wide range of creative tech­niques and art skills that I’ve picked up over time.

That has en­abled me to swiftly come up with a project each week for this col­umn, for close to five years.

My only creative con­straint was to work with re­cy­cled items and that, I’ve done, ex­ceed­ing my own ex­pec­ta­tions even!

It has been a chal­lenge (Read: Hair-tear­ing) to meet ev­ery dead­line. Mak­ing the item is only the fun part.

Lots of sweat goes into pho­tograph­ing, draw­ing di­a­grams and de­scrib­ing the steps taken to pro­duce it. But guess what? I rel­ished the thrill and adrenalin rush of it all (but not the hair loss).

As this will be the last project for the col­umn, I wish to thank The Star for recog­nis­ing and cel­e­brat­ing the creative spirit. To all of you who fol­lowed my ideas, I say: “Carry on craft­ing!” Mark­ers – black, blue, green and yel­low Scis­sors and cut­ter PVA and UHU glue Black cloth tape

*Op­tional – craft var­nish

Mak­ing the pen holder

1. Place a white foam food tray with its back fac­ing up. Use a 50 sen coin as a tem­plate to draw and cut out seven cir­cles from the tray.

2. Draw thick borders around the holes on the tray with blue, black, green and yel­low mark­ers. Draw smaller oval and round rings all over the tray with the mark­ers.

3. Cut off the top por­tion of the plas­tic soda bot­tles. Re­move the bot­tle rings and keep them for fu­ture use. Cut around the neck of the bot­tle and trim it to shorten it as much as you can.

4. Ap­ply UHU glue to the big­gest ring around the bot­tle neck and turn it over. Turn the foam tray over. In­sert the bot­tle mouth into a hole in the tray, “screw­ing” it as you do. Press on it to glue it in place. Glue all the bot­tle mouths into the holes.

5. Cut out the mid­dle flat piece of the black foam tray. Spread UHU glue all over the back and stick it onto a white foam tray. Press on it to stick it in place.

6. Turn the tray over to the back. Use the 20 sen coin as a tem­plate to draw and cut out cir­cles from the mag­a­zine pages. Glue them to pa­pier mache the back of the tray.

7. Use the black marker to draw big oval and round rings all over the tray.

*Op­tional: Ap­ply a layer of var­nish over the tray.

8. Join the two parts of the foam trays to­gether with the black cloth tape. Note: Poke a few more holes into the tray with a pen­cil if you wish to hold your pen­cils in them.

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