Ter­lewatkah Cinta Kita

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - TV HIGHLIGHTS -

(TV9, astro ch 119 / Hyp­pTV ch 109, 8.30pm) This story is about razif, who at first dis­misses his mother’s pro­posal to marry balqis as he con­sid­ers her a close friend. He ends up mar­ry­ing aida, who has been brought up rather Western­ised. He be­lieves he can get her to adapt to lo­cal cul­ture. af­ter some ini­tial suc­cess at this, he goes on a mis­sion to Gaza for three years and aida re­verts to her old ways. one night, she meets with an ac­ci­dent and is di­ag­nosed as be­ing HIV+. razif comes back, mar­ries balqis and hires her as a per­sonal nurse to care for aida. I can’t wait to see how this con­fu­sion will get sorted out.

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