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This week’s roundup of­fers dystopian fu­tures, al­ter­nate pasts, and a present full of fun and mys­tery.

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Seven Won­ders Book 2: Lost in Baby­lon

Au­thor: Peter Lerangis

Pub­lisher: HarperCollins, 373 pages,

fic­tion JACK McKin­ley and his friends are back in the se­cond book of the Seven

Won­ders se­ries. De­spite hav­ing de­feated the Colos­sus of Rhodes and se­cured the first Lo­culi, the mag­i­cal orbs that can save the world, their mis­sion is far from over. The young heroes have six more Lo­culi to find but their friend Marco dis­ap­pears mys­te­ri­ously. With the clock tick­ing and the end of world draw­ing near, they have no choice but to trust Prof Bhe­gad and the Karai In­sti­tute once more to guide them to the next Lo­culi in the great em­pire of Baby­lon.

12 Lev­els Au­thor: Abi­gail Lee

Pub­lisher: Am­c­ity Mar­ket­ing Sdn Bhd, 196 pages, fic­tion

THERE is noth­ing like get­ting stuck in a highly chal­leng­ing and al­most sur­mount­able game.

Emma and her friends find them­selves im­pris­oned in a haunted man­sion from which no one has come out alive. They dis­cover that the only way for them to es­cape is to com­plete a game of 12 lev­els within 48 hours. But with an evil spirit as the gamemas­ter, noth­ing is fair and the odds are against them.


Au­thor: Veron­ica Roth

Pub­lisher: Kather­ine Te­gen Books, 526 pages, fic­tion THE Di­ver­gent tril­ogy comes to an end in this fi­nal novel. Pick­ing up from where In­sur­gent ended, Tris and To­bias now have a shot at build­ing a new life be­yond the fence af­ter the fac­tion-based so­ci­ety they used to live in is shat­tered. But what lies be­yond the fence does not prove to be greener pas­tures for the cou­ple. They are kid­napped by Al­le­giant, a rebel group de­ter­mined to re­in­state the old way of life and the shock­ing truth about the ori­gins of the fac­tions is fi­nally re­vealed.

With an in­sur­gency on the rise and all truths shat­tered, Tris and To­bias must bat­tle it out once more ... this time to end it all.

Natasha: Hunt For The Mon­key God’s Trea­sure

Au­thor: Arthur J. Wu

Pub­lisher: Ar­turCam Sdn Bhd, 197 pages, fic­tion IN this se­cond hi­lar­i­ous out­ing, 20year-old beauty and in­vin­ci­ble mar- tial artist Natasha has been tasked with re­cov­er­ing the Ori­en­tal equiv­a­lent of King Arthur’s Ex­cal­ibur, the Mon­key God’s staff, which is im­bued with mag­i­cal pow­ers. This is the only weapon that can thwart the po­tent de­mon king Garan­manga.

Join­ing forces with five other com­pan­ions, Natasha braves the Eight-Fire Moun­tains and bat­tles giant snakes, lizard-men and deadly witches along the way. But these are noth­ing com­pared with the de­mon king him­self, who hunts them re­lent­lessly. His goal: to claim the Mon­key God’s staff for him­self!

El­lie Belly: Mousey May­hem

Au­thor: El­iza Teoh

Pub­lisher: Bub­bly Books, 134 pages,

fic­tion AN­I­MAL whis­perer El­lie Belly is back, and this time around, she and best friend Cammy dis­cover a baby mouse in their class­room. The poor mouse in­forms El­lie that its fam­ily is trapped and un­able to eat so the girls de­cide to help the crea­ture.

But with English lan­guage teacher Mrs Goh get­ting all mil­i­tary about their gram­mar, El­lie and Cammy have to strug­gle be­tween get­ting their tenses right and sav­ing the mouse and its fam­ily.


Au­thor: Gabby Tye

Pub­lisher: Bub­bly Books, 206 pages,

fic­tion SOME­THING ter­ri­ble hap­pened to the world when ground­break­ing work in ge­net­ics went awry. It un­leashed some­thing hor­rific, some­thing that kills ev­ery liv­ing crea­ture in its path. But 15-year-old Sin­ga­porean Zee doesn’t know all this: all she knows is that she wakes up and has no mem­o­ries – just a nag­ging feel­ing that she is meant to do some­thing. She’s taken into a band of sur­vivors try­ing to stay away from the Eaters, and learns that she now has to hunt for food and fight to sur­vive. But things take a dras­tic turn when the adults in the group start to change and de­velop a new kind of hunger.

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