Scan­dal-ous touch

Wash­ing­ton’s Scan­dal closet holds many out­fits.

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - STYLE - By SA­MAN­THA CRITCHELL

NO­TICE any­thing dif­fer­ent about Olivia Pope’s look this sea­son on Scan­dal? It’s still full of the very best de­signer la­bels, and her suits – a good chunk of her wardrobe – blend an ag­gres­sive edge with a sexy shape while stay­ing pro­fes­sional.

But in Sea­son 3, there’s a hint of colour, and many of the sil­hou­ettes are asym­met­ri­cal, show­ing her just a bit off-kil­ter.

“Hope­fully view­ers will see the emo­tional rea­son to make these changes, and we’ve amped up the fash­ion, too, be­cause we needed it for the story,” ex­plains cos­tume de­signer Lyn Paolo.

Olivia has a full life and – just like ev­ery­one else – needs the right clothes for it, says Paolo, who talks about her fa­vorite char­ac­ter on ABC’s hit in­side-the-Belt­way show (Thurs­days at 10pm EST) as if she were real.

Kerry Wash­ing­ton, a fash­ion It Girl in her own right, plays Olivia, de­scribed by the net­work as a “pro­fes­sional fixer”.

The show has to buy the clothes and keep them be­cause Paola is un­sure if cre­ator Shonda Rhimes will want to re­visit a par­tic­u­lar scene in a flash­back. As a re­sult, Olivia’s closet is as big as the Man­hat­tan Starbucks where Paola met a re­porter.

Paola shops from the run­way, at depart­ment stores, from win­dows and on­line. When she was on va­ca­tion this past sum­mer on a cruise, she fell in love with a fel­low pas­sen­ger’s out­fit. She told the pas­sen­ger the cloth­ing tag was show­ing (it wasn’t) so she could “fix it” and steal a peek at the la­bel.

Is there any­thing in that bulging Scan­dal closet that Paola would like to bor­row? “I’m a uni­form girl. I dis­like dress­ing my­self. It’s all black and white in my closet – I wear what­ever is eas­i­est to get me through the day.”

She is, af­ter all, dress­ing up to 80 peo­ple per episode. “We should call it ‘Scram­ble’ not Scan­dal.”

Olivia was easy, though. Paola had her look down be­fore she knew Wash­ing­ton would be the star – and maybe even be­fore Scan­dal was pitched as a pilot.

Paola, whose cred­its also in­clude The West Wing and ER, says she keeps dozens of files on imag­i­nary char­ac­ters, cut­ting out pho­tos and jot­ting down notes about what they would wear and stuff­ing them into fold­ers.

One was “an African-Amer­i­can woman in light clothes and a cus­tom Louise Green hat,” she said. “I had an im­age of Diana Ross. I would have liked a big­ger brim on the hat, but our sets are too dark and you couldn’t see Kerry’s face.”

Paola also works on Show­time’s Shame­less, and her prob­lem there is that the char­ac­ters are sup­posed to have a gritty ap­pear­ance, but Emmy Ros­sum, the most fash­ion-y of the cast, is a lit­tle model-like, she says. “You’ll look at her and say, ‘ She looks too good in that!”’

There are other stars that Paola would like the op­por­tu­nity to dress, in­clud­ing Pa­tri­cia Heaton and Julianna Mar­gulies, whom she calls “so el­e­gant and stylish.”

“I have char­ac­ters and their wardrobes ready to go. I just need a show for them.” – AP

Grayscale: cos­tume de­signer Lyn Paolo holds a ru­bin Singer gown (pic left) and a chris­tian dior coat worn by Wash­ing­ton in Scan­dal. In Sea­son 3, there will be more colour and asym­met­ri­cal sil­hou­ettes.

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