Hav­ing fun with do-it-your­self crafts

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - By EllEn WhytE

IN­STEAD of throw­ing away that card­board cen­tre from your toi­let or kitchen roll, save them up and put them to use!

DIy Christ­mas cracker

What you need:

Small gifts, pa­per hats, home made mot­tos, toi­let rolls, bright-coloured crepe pa­per, pa­per rib­bon, and glue.


Glit­ter, stick­ers.


1) Cut the crepe pa­per un­til it will cover the toi­let roll and stick three inches (7.6cm) over each side.

2) Glue in place, leav­ing the ends open.

3) Dec­o­rate.

4) Put toy, pa­per hat and motto in­side a twist of crepe pa­per.

5) Tie pa­per rib­bon around the gift par­cel, and leave one end dan­gling on one side of the cracker. Se­cure with a dab of glue.

6) Tie ends by twist­ing the pa­per and se­cur­ing with pa­per rib­bon. Make sure the rib­bon con­nected to the par­cel is con­cealed.

Now when two peo­ple each pull their end of the cracker, the gift should “ex­plode” to one side.

DIy ka­zoo

What it is:

A ka­zoo is a sim­ple mu­si­cal in­stru­ment that can make an as­ton­ish­ing num­ber of sounds.

What you need:

Card­board rolls of all sizes, var­i­ous rub­ber bands, scis­sors.


Paint, coloured pa­per, stick­ers, fab­ric scraps to dec­o­rate tubes.


1) To make your ka­zoo, sim­ply tie a rub­ber band over the card­board tube so that the ends are over the cen­tre of the open hole. Then blow or hum over it to make sounds.

2) You can vary the tone by cut­ting dif­fer­ent lengths of tube, and us­ing dif­fer­ent thick­ness of rub­ber bands. 3) Ex­plain to the kids how it works by mak­ing a sim­ple one, then set them to mak­ing enough in­stru­ments for an orches­tra.

The Guin­ness World Record for the Largest Ka­zoo En­sem­ble was set on March 14, 2011 when 3,910 ka­zooists at the BBC Ra­dio 3’s Red Nose Show at the Royal Al­bert Hall, Eng­land played Wag­ner’s Ride of the Valkyries and the Dam­busters March.


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