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sagittariUs (nov 23 to dec 22): you will think about bring­ing some­thing to an end. this in­volves a hobby, a part of which seems to have reached its useby date, as far as you are con­cerned. don’t rush, let things hap­pen in their own sweet time. capricorn (dec 23 to Jan 20): to­day is not a good day for short trips. you will have se­ri­ous trouble park­ing or even get­ting to your des­ti­na­tion. ar­ro­gant of­fi­cials won’t help. aQUariUs (Jan 21 to feb 19): bet­ter check your fi­nances twice. your present stars are al­most cer­tain to bring em­bar­rass­ment over a fi­nan­cial mat­ter, so carry a lit­tle spare cash with you all week­end. pisces (feb 20 to march 20): they say Pisces is the master of con­fu­sion but this is not re­ally true. un­for­tu­nately, to­day brings just the right stars for to­tal con­fu­sion in some area which is sup­posed to be your area of ex­per­tise. aries (march 21 to april 20): Some­one man­ages to dig up a mis­take or a series of mis­takes you made when you didn’t know any bet­ter. there’s not much you can do about this, you just have to own up and eat crow. taUrUs (april 21 to may 20): there are splen­did stars for party-go­ing, es­pe­cially if the party in­volves friends and as­so­ci­ates. these stars will bring in­ter­est­ing rev­e­la­tions, some of which won’t re­ally reg­is­ter un­til to­mor­row or next week. gemini (may 21 to June 21): you have been do­ing well in some area but you haven’t quite made it. How­ever, with the stars you have to­day you will make it or if you don’t make it, part­ner will and take you along for the ride. cancer (June 22 to July 23): there will be word from afar. this is where some­one lets you know you are im­por­tant to them and things just fol­low on from there. to­day also brings con­tact with peo­ple who seem to be in­volved with your work. leo (July 24 to aug 23): you have truly found the christ­mas spirit which is why you will be pretty busy to­day. For some Lions this means buy­ing kid­die good­ies, for oth­ers it’s pre­par­ing food. Virgo (aug 24 to sept 23): you bring some­thing to an end. this is an odd time to end this thing, be­cause the main thrust of your stars is for be­gin­nings. Per­haps you bring this thing to an end so you can start the new stuff. libra (sept 24 to oct 23): there will be a lot of run­ning around and a lot of frus­tra­tion. these stars will bring de­lays where you usu­ally breeze through. the main thrust of your stars though is how they will rev you up. scorpio (oct 24 to nov 22): your main con­cern is money. ac­tu­ally your real con­cern is not so much for money as the lack of it and right at a time when you need it most. don’t worry Scorpio, things will im­prove and you’ll have a good christ­mas.

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