For bet­ter or worse

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - LIVING - > FROM PAGE 25 Mar­riage is a bond, mar­riage is a union, There’ll be ar­gu­ments no mat­ter what, Some­times you have a dif­fer­ent opin­ion, Some­times it’s best to keep your mouth shut. A mar­riage to suc­ceed, things you must have, This you have to bear in mind,

Your nar­row waist and broad mind, Don’t let them ex­change places. Let him think that he has won the fight, Make him think that he’s the boss, Don’t hold on to the reins too tight, But never let go of the horse.

I also had some­thing to say to my son and my son-in law, as they joined me in the wired con­fines of mat­ri­mony: Some­times you can’t have it all your way, Your wife treats you like sheep, To make her lis­ten to ev­ery word you say, Just try talk­ing in your sleep. Temp­ta­tions abound, you’re vul­ner­a­ble, And you feel like hav­ing a lit­tle fun, Re­mem­ber, it’s eas­ier to stay out of trou­ble, Than for you to get out of one.

Then I had some more words for both hus­band and wife: slowly deaf, And the wife must be­come slowly blind. Some­times you feel you’re al­ways wrong, And some­times it’s just your pride, Quar­rels will not last very long, If the fault is only on one side. Mar­riage is some­times less, some­times more, Mar­riage is all about you and me, Mar­riage is some­times like go­ing to war, The best part is sleep­ing with the enemy!

And yet, for all its de­fects and de­fi­cien­cies, mar­riage is still the pre­ferred path to hap­pi­ness and in its pur­suit, no­body has truly cor­nered it.

It’s re­ally all about the jour­ney, not the desti­na­tion.

Some­times, I don’t take enough time to sit back and thank God for the bless­ings I have.

Through­out my life, if I could gather ev­ery mem­ory, ev­ery smile, ev­ery tear, ev­ery pain, ev­ery bit of laugh­ter, in­evitably, in­vari­ably, un­fail­ingly, she’s al­ways there.

Noth­ing would make your life more com­plete than to have the love of a good woman.

This last verse is ded­i­cated to my wife of 44 years: And now I’m at the twi­light of my years, With this damsel still at my side, I’d go once more through all the tears, To have you again as my bride.

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