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sagittariUs (nov 23 to dec 22): There is a lit­tle luck around you. Some peo­ple have been known to win small sums of money un­der these stars. mostly the luck in­volves things hap­pen­ing for you. capricorn (dec 23 to Jan 20): a good day to go shop­ping for good­ies for your home. There will be some sort of cheek­i­ness as­so­ci­ated with what you buy. aQUariUs (Jan 21 to feb 19): you were hop­ing to spend the day in pretty much one place, do­ing stuff which must be done be­fore the break, but you will be here, there and ev­ery­where for most of the day. pisces (feb 20 to march 20): Some­one gives you a small gift. This could be an early christ­mas gift. It cer­tainly won’t be a birth­day present, un­less it is a very early one. don’t worry about the rea­son, just en­joy it. aries (march 21 to april 20): Thurs­day is an odd day to start a new project, es­pe­cially when it is so close to the break. but this is ex­actly what will hap­pen. It won’t be a big project, but con­trary to your opin­ion, it will take up a lot of time. taUrUs (april 21 to may 20): you will rack your brains about the events and things you did to make last christ­mas a suc­cess. This is so you can avoid old mis­takes and en­sure you have a happy time over the hol­i­days. Get your think­ing cap on. gemini (may 21 to June 21): There are good stars for be­ing with friends, but you need to take care be­cause lately you have been tak­ing some­one to be a friend while in re­al­ity, they are less car­ing than you think. This is not like as­tute Gemini. can­cer (June 22 to July 23): a nice lit­tle boost to your ego. There will also be con­tact with some­one in au­thor­ity. be care­ful what you say. leo (July 24 to aug 23): you will think about peo­ple or con­di­tions far away. you will think about your chances of go­ing to some far­away place, but you have been think­ing of long dis­tance travel for a while but have done noth­ing about it. Virgo (aug 24 to sept 23): Some un­ex­pected ex­penses. For­tu­nately, part­ner will help here. but it will be a bit of a blow be­cause you thought you had your fi­nances for de­cem­ber all sorted out. libra (sept 24 to oct 23): Good stars for in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships. These stars will serve you well if you get home early and set the scene ro­man­tic with soft lights and lover’s mu­sic play­ing in the back­ground. Should be a good end to the day. scorpio (oct 24 to nov 22): If you feel a lit­tle off-colour, it will prob­a­bly be be­cause of some­thing you ate. This time of year is a mine field for eat­ing badly, but some­times a lit­tle foodie splurge can be up­lift­ing.

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